clh_susann_karlsson_nemirovsky_01Garbo & Friends

Garbo & Friends creates for our tiny heroes of the unspoken imagination, the masters of bitsy big exploration and conquerors of all our good intentions. When it comes to children’s accessories, products that inspire the unspoilt fantasy and suit the style conscious parent, they felt were far in between and hard to find. Garbo & Friends aims to offer both parents and their babies the best textile and accessory products through exceptional design, print, fabric, material and detail. What you want for your baby, and what you want for your home are often two different things – that’s why the majority of Garbo & Friends’ products have just that, two sides, a beautifully illustrated patterned side and on reverse – a solid colour one. Whether you are looking for a crib bumper, a duvet set, a cashmere blanket or a floor cushion, you will find a product that both you and your baby will love. It is important for Garbo & Friends to use as many safe and environment friendly materials as possible – to make sure the bedding and sleepwear is of non-allergenic origin and the tableware is free of toxic materials. All of Garbo&Friends dinnerware products are independently tested and found free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates and Lead. The baby bottles are produced in accordance with European Standard EN-14350.

Pretty Things by Garbo&Friends