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Baby Comforters to the Rescue: Finding the Perfect Security Blanket for Your Little One

Around about seven months (or even earlier), babies begin to develop separation anxiety from their parents. Although this stage doesn’t last forever, it can prove challenging especially when transitioning to sleeping solo and when mum and dad’s paternal leave comes to an end and they have to return to work. Introducing a comfort item to your child soon after three months of age is a great tool to help combat separation anxiety and promote self-soothing and independence. Security blankets are tried and true tools for creating comfort and promoting confidence in your little one.

Not only are baby comforters fantastic transitional and developmental tools, they are also something your child will absolutely treasure. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the many benefits of baby comforters, provide a list of tips for choosing your baby’s security blanket, and tell you all about the amazing baby comforters we have in stock at Nordlife. Let’s get into it!

Benefits of security blankets:

1. Babies learn to self-soothe

A major benefit of security blankets is teaching your little one to self-soothe. This comes in handy while traveling, during naptime, at restaurants, bedtime and more. Baby comforters can also be a great way to ween little one’s off of habits like thumb-sucking and using dummies or pacifiers as self-soothers.


2. Better sleep for you and your little one

A security blanket can be the best bedtime buddy system for your beloved little sleep thief. Start by holding the baby comforter on your shoulder when holding your baby – that way she will begin to associate the natural comfort she receives from you with this new object. Gradually, keep the baby comforter in her cot and other places she sleeps. Soon your child will reach for her baby comforter to fall back asleep at night rather than cry out for mum or dad.

3. Building confidence and independence

Having a security blanket in tow means you child won’t have to rely on you so much for comfort during life’s little challenges. Being able to self-soothe will promote confidence and independence that will lay the foundation for their future development. This will make the transitions to day care or preschool much smoother and your little one will be ahead of the game when it comes to self-reliance!

So, what makes a baby comforter right for your child? We’ve put together a little list of things to look for when shopping for the perfect security blanket for your little one:

Finding the perfect baby comforter:

Soft, high quality fabric

Your child will be snuggling up to her security blanket for comfort, so you’ll want a baby comforter made with soft, high-quality fabric. Look for comforters with sensory soothing fabrics such as smooth satin, soft fleece or supple organic cotton. This baby comforter from Liewood Australia is a perfect example of a super soft security blanket:

Liewood rabbit baby comforter

Friendly comfort object

Babies are highly intuitive and imprint on objects of comfort from an early age. Choosing a baby comforter with a friendly element such as an animal face or ears will help your little one attach to the object and build affection. Not only will your baby be comforted by the soothing fabric of the security blanket, but also the familiar friendly face attached to it.

Baby with grey rabbit Liewood baby comforter in cotLiewood Rabbit baby comforter in grey / Photo via @_annafiorentino_

Easy to clean

This one’s for you, mums and dads. Chances are your child’s new security blanket is going to get A LOT of use. Since it’s their comfort item, your little one will have their baby comforter in tow everywhere you go! That means spills, stains and dirt are inevitable and it’s important to choose a baby comforter that is easy to clean to make your life a little bit easier. Choosing a security blanket that is easy to clean will make daily life easier and protect your little one’s health by keeping germs at bay.

Baby with security blanket in roseLiewood rabbit baby comforter in rose / Photo via @totterandtumble

Perfect size for cuddling 

A good baby comforter will be the perfect size for cuddling. You don’t want an overly-large security blanket, simply because you’ll be taking this thing everywhere and a larger blanket only means more work! Choose a baby comforter that is somewhere around 50cm x 50 cm – like this one from Cam Cam Copenhagen:

Cam Cam swan baby comforter

Your child is sure to fall in love with their new baby comforter. They’ll tote it around everywhere – from outings in the park to nap time at home – and you’ll always want to make sure you have it on hand. Just in case your child’s security blanket gets lost in transit, we recommend having a backup baby comforter so your little one won’t even know it’s gone. Some mums even purchase three or four of the exact same baby comforter to avoid major meltdowns!

Have we convinced you yet? If not, we’re sure these insanely adorable baby comforters will do the trick! Here at Nordlife, we carry a variety of security blankets, swaddles and baby comforters from Nordic designers, Cam Cam Copenhagen and Liewood Australia.

Rabbit Baby Comforter

Say hello to your child’s new best friend – an adorable and cuddly Agnete baby comforter made by Danish designer, Liewood. Cute, soft and completely safe for your little one, this security blanket is made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton – the safest and most sustainable option when it comes to textile manufacturing.

The organic fabric and colouring used during manufacturing of the product will stay beautiful longer if washed on low temperatures. It is important that you treat your LIEWOOD products with care. Our rabbit baby comforter comes in a range darling colours: dusty mint, mustard, grey and rose. We also have these amazing baby teether comforters in matching colours!

Mint Green Baby ComforterRabbit baby comforter in dusty mint

Panda Baby Comforter

Could this panda baby comforter be any sweeter? We don’t think so! Featuring a friendly little panda bear face, this darling baby comforter is sure to become part of the family in to time. Your child will love the tactile feeling of the panda, plus the super soft 100% GOTS certified organic cotton of the blanket portion of the baby comforter. Pair this perfect panda up with our other panda nursery items like our panda hooded towel, muslin cloths, kids bathrobe, and baby beach play set!

Cream Panda Security Blanket for babiesPanda security blanket

Peacock Baby Comforter

Featuring an adorable embroidered peacock, this baby comforter is perfect for comforting your baby. This darling cuddly toy is made with soft and breathable organic muslin fabric, making it cosy and gentle on your little one’s skin. The security blanket in organic muslin fabric is sourced from sustainable and eco-friendly organic materials – something we care deeply about at Nordlife. Find this lovely baby comforter in blue mist and crème white. Your little one will love snuggling up with this super soft organic muslin baby comforter!

Cam Cam Organic Peacock Cuddle Cloth for baby Blue MistPeacock baby comforter in blue mist

Swan Baby Comforter

We think your little one will love this darling swan baby comforter made by one of our favourite brands, Cam Cam Copenhagen. Featuring a beautiful embroidered swan, this security blanket is made with lovely and soft GOTS-certified 100% organic premium cotton muslin fabric that is super soft and eco-friendly. This beautiful baby comforter comes in off-white and blossom pink, both of which can be paired up with matching and complimentary nursery and baby items from our shop.

Swan security blanket in blossom pink

Giraffe Baby Comforter

This giraffe baby comforter by Cam Cam Copenhagen comes in a lovely light rose colour that can be paired up with a variety of nursery and baby items in our shop. Your child will love the little giraffe attached to the soft lovely muslin fabric of this baby blanket. For a thoughtful baby shower gift, pair this darling security blanket up with a matching giraffe baby rattle!

rose baby comforterGiraffe baby comforter in rose

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this post all about choosing the perfect security blanket for your little one. Let us know if you have any question about any of our baby comforters, muslin swaddles, security blankets and more. Click the button below to shop our full range of baby comforters along with other unique, sustainable and Nordic-inspired baby toys:

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