Crawling Kneepads and Non-Slip Socks for Babies & Toddlers

We all love that special time when our little ones start discovering everything around them – crawling, then walking and eventually running and even jumping! These adorable knee pads and baby socks have cute little rubber traction bumps on them so your little bubba can do all that wonderful exploring a little more safely – without slipping on smooth surfaces or hurting their knees on rough ones.

GoBabyGo range of products includes kneepads, socks as well as leggings and tights. All of the products are made of high quality cotton, that is super soft and breathable. The socks, kneepads and leggings come in a range of neutral colours that can be paired up with any other clothing item because of their modest look.

Knee protection is especially important in the summer to protect the little knees from rough surfaces outside. Pull them onto bare legs, over tights or pants and your child is ready for new challenges. 

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