Baby Bum Shower

Baby Bum Shower was founded by Northern Territory twin sisters Jess and Samantha. They were determined to find an easy to use, environmentally friendly solution to wasteful single use wipes.

The Baby Bum Shower was born out of necessity when Jess was changing her nieces dirty nappy in the back of the car. The lightbulb moment happened between 100s wipes – she was dreaming about WATER!

There had to be an easier and more hygienic way to clean nappies. This super duo wanted to create a practical and simple solution to wash dirty hands, feet and bottoms.

Jess and Samantha could not be prouder (either could we) of what they have accomplished. An Australian made and owned, practical and easy product to gain your full confidence in your daily hygiene.

Gentle way of cleaning

As registered nurses and mums themselves, Jess and Samantha wanted to include only water & soap in the cleaning to avoid any risk of potential irritation caused by wet wipes and alcohol hand gels. Their goal was to find something that is safe and suitable for all skin types.

The BBS was created to allow all families to have the best hygiene standards wherever they are, and to keep their little ones safe from nasty chemicals, poor hygiene standards and to create a greener world for their future. Since it’s creation the Baby Bum Shower has always been centred around your family’s hygiene in mind and whilst looking after our environment.

Easy and simple to use

Since its creation the Baby Bum Shower has always been centred around ease of use for the whole family. The BBS has been years in making and was ergonomically designed to sit in the palm of your hand while juggling wriggly legs.

The Baby Bum Shower is made of sustainable materials and designed to be long lasting. Jess and Samantha’s goal is to reduce impact of wipe disposal in the enviroment.

Baby Bum Shower

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Baby Bum Shower