GoBabyGo is a Danish brand that was founded by Fie Aspöck Jonsen in 2003. The motivation and inspiration for the business came, like in so many other cases, from not being able the find a similar product on the market.

Fie’s story is a little bit different though – She was looking for products to help improve the motor skills of her son Emil, who has born 2 months premature. Emil weighed only 1400 grams when he was born and although he quickly started gaining weight, he had a lot of trouble learning the motor skills – crawling, climbing and so on. Fie then started to look into alternative ways to help improve Emil’s motor skills and sought advice from paediatric physiotherapists.

They all agreed that in the end most kids will learn to crawl, climb, stand up and walk, but the time and effort that goes into it, can vary greatly. Fie found that a lot is determined by the little things – the assistance and help that comes from products that have been purposely designed to help improve the motor skills of kids.

From that knowledge and understanding a dream was born – a dream of creating a series of clothes that could help improve the motor skills of children like Emil even further. It was then, that Fie started developing the 4 products that today make up the GoBabyGo’s crawl series. 

GoBabyGo is here to..

..to bring you products that can improve children’s motor skills, language and learning. They wholeheartedly believe that most children, premature or not, can benefit from extra help and support in their daily life, and therefore work hard to create unique products that inspire play, activity and togetherness.

GoBabyGo production

GoBabyGo’s crawling series is designed in Denmark, produced at their factory in Lithuania, and all the products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is certified. It is the world’s leading health marking for textile, and means the products are tested for harmful substances and chemicals. In addition, the pH of the products is tested to ensure the correct PH value for our children’s delicate skin.

Pretty things by GoBabyGo