Leo & Fred

Amanda + Kristin = Leo och Fred

Leo och Fred is a business run by two lovely ladies – Kristin and Amanda who are in their late 20s. The main motive for starting the business was like in so many other cases, personal need. Kristin and Amanda felt that instead of buying an endless array of brightly coloured plastic things, they would prefer something more neutral and natural looking for their kids and homes. And so Leo och Fred was born.

The girls love working with each other – they say they feed off each others energy and are motivated by one another’s work. Both Kristin and Amanda say their biggest inspiration are their kids – the way their imagination works and how free and openminded they are.

Magic Island of Dyrön Amanda and Kristin live on tiny car-free island – Dyrön – off the west coast of Sweden. Dyrön is a small island with a permanent population of just over 250, where the largest motorised vehicles here are mopeds and everything is within walking distance. Dyrön has a welcoming atmosphere, cosy accommodation, sea views, and a sense of peace inspired by the forces of nature. The girls say they love absolutely everything about their tiny island – the majestic nature, the foodstore, the ferry.. the list goes on. But most of all they love being near the sea and hope they always will be.

Sustainable Products

Leo och Fred products are mostly sustainable – plates made from rubberwood, bamboo toothbrushes and so on.

What exactly is rubberwood? Rubber trees are grown to produce latex. However, they are only yielding profit for about 30 years, after which they are usually burnt to make room for new trees. In the recent years many producers have started repurposing the trees once they’ve stopped being profitable for latex production – it makes a dense, warm grain that is highly resistant to warping and cracking. So instead of wasting a perfect tree, it can now be used to create wonderful, new and exciting household items.

Safe & Clean – LFGB tested

LFGB Ceritificate is a German Standard for food and food-related household items and it’s main aim is to check that the tested products do not contain chemical hazardous materials and are in no way toxic or harmful to their users.

Among other things the LFGB test include: odour and taste transfer tests, composition tests on plastics, metals, silicone, detection of heavy metals, resins and hazardous chemicals and much more.

Leo & Fred Bear and Bunny Plates have been LFGB tested and found completely clean and safe.

Pretty Things by Leo och Fred