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Cam Cam Portable Changing Mat: Your New Baby Travel Essential

Changing diapers can be one of the most dreaded things whilst travelling with a little one in tow. And surely every first-time parent that flies with a baby is greeted with the unexpected and surprising fact that most airplanes don’t have changing tables! Parents, we feel your pain and we’re here to help make traveling with a baby a little bit easier with theses amazing new travel changing pads by Cam Cam Copenhagen.

These portable change mats made by Cam Cam Copenhagen are an absolute must have for travel and on-the-go use. Perfect to carry with you in your changing bag when you’re on the move, these darling nappy wallet change mats fold out into a full changing area for your little one. Not only are they useful anywhere you need a soft and clean place to change a nappy, they also have a convenient and practical pocket that is perfect for storing a diaper or even a cotton muslin. The changing mat is padded and quilted with a soft layer of baby corduroy on the inside. Plus, this whole travel diaper changing kit can be folded up into a convenient little package with dainty bows!

Cam Cam travel portable changing mat for baby misty green portablePortable changing pad folded (above) and unfolded (below)Cam Cam portable changing mat for baby misty green

Here are a few more reasons why we love these portable change mats…


1. High quality Scandinavian design

One of the things we love about Cam Cam Copenhagen is their commitment to high quality and sustainable Scandinavian design. These portable change mats are made with non-toxic and environmentally-friendly materials. The outer fabric is made from 100% organic cotton and the padding is filled with 100% Oeko-tex standard polyester filling.

Cam Cam portable changing mat for baby fleur pink travelFleur portable changing pad – Click to view more

2. Made to fit in the nappy bag

These darling travel diaper changing kits fold up into a convenient size of 19 x 23 cm – perfect for tucking into your diaper bag when on the go.

Mums nappy bag with portable changing matNavy padded travel change mat – Click to view more


3. Water and stain resistant

When changing nappies, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter some of life’s little messes. Luckily, this amazing portable change mat is water and stain resistant to minimise messes and preThe outer lining on these amazing little travel diaper changing kits is coated with a water and stain repellent layer.

Cam Cam portable changing mat for baby greyGrey travel changing pad – Click to view more


4. Cute colours and prints made to match the nursery

Not only are they super convenient and practical, these padded travel change mats also come in a range of charming signature Cam Cam colours and prints that pair well with our collection of matching Cam Cam nursery decor and baby items…

Nursery bag with matching portable changing mat wet wipe cover and other nursery decor

Cam Cam portable changing mat for changing babies diapersCharcoal

This practical changing pad comes in a classic and sleek charcoal colour that is made to match a variety of other nursery decor and baby items. Pair this lovely charcoal travel diaper changing kit up with our matching nappy bag and you’ll be ready to take on your next road trip, plane ride or travel adventure in style!



We are loving Cam Cam’s new fleur print! Our portable changing pad comes in this darling pink floral print, which can be paired up with a matching wet wipe cover, organic cotton muslins, baby nest and stationary changing pad for the changing table.



Classic and understated, this grey colour is perfect for any mum on the go. Coordinate this lovely light grey travel diaper changing kit with our matching muslins, Fossflakes nursing pillow cover, wet wipe cover, dummy holder, baby quilt and more!


Misty Green

This misty green colour is simply adorable. The inside padding features Cam Cam’s signature pressed leaves blue pattern so you can match this beautiful portable changing mat up with our range of mint and pressed leaves blue items.



This gorgeous navy is another one of our favourite Cam Cam colours. Our navy coloured portable changing pad matches perfectly with our Cam Cam diaper/nappy bag as well as our organic cotton muslin swaddles and cloths.



Measurements: 70 cm x 44 cm (unfolded) 19 x 23 cm (folded)
Materials: 100% Organic Cotton Fabric with 100% Oeko-tex Standard Polyester Filling
Care: Wash at 40 degrees




Other Baby Travel Accessories

Complete your own personal baby travel kit with our range of other baby travel accessories. Pair your padded travel change mat up with these helpful little items for travel and on the go use.



Our range of organic cotton muslins are the perfect accompaniment to our darling p ortable change pads. Not only do they fit snugly in the change mat’s inner pocket, they are also the most versatile nursery products! Muslin cloths – new mum’s best friend! Definitely one of the most versatile ‘baby items’. The muslins are very practical for a feeding and burping a baby or in the hot weather as a thin blanket or a swaddle. The possibilities are endless!

Pack of five organic cotton nursery muslinsOrganic cotton muslin cloths


These adorable muslin cloths by Cam Cam Copenhagen are not only made of super soft & breathable GOTS-certified organic cotton, they are also made to match the rest of the Cam Cam Copenhagen product range perfectly. The fabric is light and has a nice texture due to the weaving. The muslins are perfect for the stroller or cot and are handy to keep in your nappy bag for emergencies.

These great quality baby muslin cloths come in 5 different colours to perfectly suit the colour scheme you have chosen for your nursery. Taking practicality to a whole new level – every mother needs a good supply of these amazing muslins when travelling with a little one!


Cam Cam Diaper Bag

Made by Cam Cam Copenhagen, this practical and stylish quilted nursing bag/nappy bag is perfect for when you’re on the go with baby. The bag has both a shoulder-band and an adjustable longer strap that fits perfectly around the pram handle. Equipped with two large inner pockets and a zipped outer pocket – great for storing nappies and other nursing/changing items.

Beautiful details including brass zippers and clasps as well as a delicate inner lining with acrylic coating for extra protection against spills and stains.

Cam Cam Nursery Bag Navy with straps and liningCam Cam diaper bag

Dummy clip

Your little one will never lose his or her pacifier again on those long flights and car rides with this cute and practical dummy clip! This dummy holder has a strong 100% natural rubber ring, interfacing inside to avoid twisting and a smart wooden clip with nickel-free metal to attach the holder to the child’s clothing. This pacifier holder has been tested and meets all safety requirements of the European/Danish Standards and is made with all natural and toxin-free materials.

Made by Cam Cam Copenhagen, this darling dummy clip can be paired up with our full range of nursery decor and baby products in a matching print. Available in a variety of signature Cam Cam prints, this dummy clip is an essential nursery item when you have a baby on board.

Cam Cam baby dummy holder for pacifier pressed leaves blueCam Cam dummy clip


* Do not let the baby sleep with the pacifier clip or use as a toy. Check the holder before every use and throw away if any signs of wear and tear occur.


We hope you enjoyed this look at our new travel diaper changing kits by Cam Cam! We think you’ll love them even more than we do and we hope they make your life and travels a little bit easier. Let the stresses of not having a changing table and carting bulky changing pads around be things of the past! To shop our full range of travel changing pads by Cam Cam Copenhagen, click the button below:

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