Ocean baby changing mat with matching travel change mat and wet wipe cover
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Changing Table Styling with Cam Cam Change Mats

During the ‘nesting phase’, it’s only natural for expecting parents to focus their design efforts on the ‘pretty’ parts of the nursery… Garlands, canopies, wall prints and baby bedding are typically at the forefront for most new parents. The changing table probably isn’t the first thing you jump to decorate but we’re here to tell you otherwise!

We’ve got some styling inspo along with a run down on our favourite change mats by Cam Cam Copenhagen to help you get just as jazzed about the changing table as you are about that heirloom rocking chair!

Changing Table Styling Inspo

Before we dive in to the details of changing pads, let’s start with the fun stuff – Instagram inspo!

Baby changing mat peacock grey with nursery canopyOur grey wave change mat styled with a darling star cushion and our dot creme gold nursery canopy – simply stunning! Image via @the_small_kind

pressed leaves rose baby changing mat in nursery with wallpaper and balloon music mobileOur pressed leaves rose change mat paired with a matching balloon music mobile and wallpaper. Image via @louisehansen1307

Ocean baby changing mat with matching travel change mat and wet wipe coverOur darling ocean change pad mixed and matched with our misty green portable changing mat and grey wave wet wipe cover!

Why Choose a Cam Cam Change Pad?

It’s absolutely mind-boggling to think about just how many nappies we change during our babies’ first year of life! It’s so important to have a supportive and safe changing table topper to ensure our little ones are comfortable and supported up until they are potty trained. Here are three quick reasons to choose a Cam Cam change mat for your nursery:

1. Supportive and comfortable for baby

The changing mat has a cold-pressed foam padding that forms a comfortable shape for your baby, providing good support for baby’s head, neck and back. The foam padding forms a high edge on either side of the change mat, which helps keep your little one in place and provides optimal support during changing time.

2. Darling prints

Is there anything better than a perfectly coordinated nursery? Another reason that Cam Cam Copenhagen’s baby changing mat is our absolute favourite change mat is the fact that it comes in a range of darling prints that can be matched with other Cam Cam products to create a cohesive nursery design scheme.

3. Sustainable & organic

The fabric lining of the baby changing pad is made with 100% organic cotton so it is super soft for baby’s skin.

Choose Your Perfect Print

Have we convinced you on these amazing change mats yet? If not, have a look at the range of beautiful prints they come in (we’re positive they’ll win you over!).

Ocean – This darling print features delicate and dainty illustrations of whales and other sea life with a gorgeous mint base colour. This baby changing mat can be coordinated with any of our complimentary ocean, mint, baby blue and even petroleum blue printed baby and nursery items.

Fleur – Made for princesses! This lovely fleur colour is a new favourite. Tiny little flowers dot the fabric on this muted pink change mat. Pair it up with our range of fleur, dusty rose, blossom pink, old rose and Bordeaux printed baby and nursery items.

Pressed Leaves Rose – A classic print for any nursery style. We have heaps of baby and nursery items in this lovely print to choose from.

Pressed Leaves Blue – Another classic that can even be mixed and matched with pressed leaves rose products!

Raindrops – Simple and sweet. This raindrops pattern has a minimalist, modern look that truly goes with anything!

Peacock Grey – Our beloved peacock grey baby changing mat goes perfectly in any contemporary and neutral nursery. Matching nursery and baby items will tie the whole nursery together!

Grey Wave – The tiny wave print on this change mat gives it a lovely detailed look that can be coordinated with our range of grey wave printed baby and nursery items.

Coordinate with Matching Changing Table Accessories

Complete your changing table look by pairing up your Cam Cam baby changing mat with some of these cute and practical changing table accessories. Not only are these changing table items super useful, they also come in a range of adorable prints made to match your chosen nursery design scheme!

Wet wipe covers – Spruce up your changing table and cover unsightly plastic packages of wet wipes with these darling wet wipe covers made to match your baby changing mat. Made of 100% organic cotton, these covers can be used to fit most standard sizes wet wipe packs and they also have a practical carry strap in canvas on the side.

baby changing mat wet wipe coversClick to view more

Muslin cloths – Muslins are great for here, there and anywhere! They can be especially useful in the changing area so it’s great to have a stock near your change pad for little messes or to swaddle up your baby after changing!

Stack of organic muslin wraps in prints and colours by Cam CamClick to view more

Portable change mat for travel – Keep one of these amazing little portable change mats on hand for on-the-go use. These portable change mats can be perfectly coordinated with your stationary baby changing mat and your other changing table accessories!

Cam Cam travel changing mat for baby misty green portableClick to view more

Star cushions – Add some cosy and tie the changing table area together with a gorgeous organic cotton star cushion – made to match the nursery!

Cam Cam star shaped decorative cushion for nursery fleur pinkClick to view more

Baby mobiles – Our range of Scandinavian music mobiles are great to hang over the change mat to entertain and sooth your little one during changings.

Cam Cam decorative Peacock music nursery mobile for baby mustard yellowClick to view more

Painless Cleaning & Care

If you own one of these amazing baby changing mats, you’ll know that cleaning them is easy as pie! Each Cam Cam Copenhagen change mat has a practical removable cover which can easily be detached from the rest of the change mat for easy cleaning. The removable cover has a water-repellent coating, making it super easy and convenient to wipe away spills and messes without leaving stains! The water repellent covers on Cam Cam’s change pads can easily be removed and washed separately in a washing machine at 40˚C.

One of our top reasons for choosing Cam Cam Copenhagen’s change pad as our #1 baby changing mat is one that mums and dads are sure to love as well – easy cleaning! You’ll be extra grateful when handling your little one’s daily essentials when you have a supportive baby changing table topper that is easy to clean when messes inevitably occur!

About Cam Cam Copenhagen

Cam Cam familyCam Cam Copenhagen’s business model is centred around creating products with timeless designs that last generations. The result of this practice is that Cam Cam products outlive trends that come and go, getting passed down through generations, and bringing joy to kids and grownups alike.

Founded in 2012 by Danish architect couple Sara Giese Camre and Robert Warren Paulsen, Cam Cam Copenhagen emerged as a company just a few months after the couple’s first daughter was born. When shopping for items to stock her newborn daughter’s nursery with, Sara found the market lacked high quality, stylish nursery decor and furnishings. So, she started making and sewing things for herself. Gradually, friends started ordering from her and before she knew it, her sewing venture evolved into a full-blown nursery business.

At the core of Cam Cam Copenhagen’s philosophy is a love of all children and the idea that we need to care for our little ones through what we expose them to on a daily basis. Children are profoundly influenced by what they are exposed to, so Cam Cam has taken the responsibility on to produce calming and harmonious products for children and babies. Cam Cam’s line of baby and nursery products serve as a gentle contrast to the norm when it comes to nursery decor and furnishings.

One key tenant of Cam Cam Copenhagen’s overall design focus is environmentally-sustainable and organic production – something we care deeply about at Nordlife. Their products are made from sustainably sourced materials like natural wood and GOTS and OCS certified textiles.

The team at Nordlife is proud to stock a brand that so closely aligns with our values of sustainable business and production practices, quality craftsmanship, and timeless design. Not only do we love their amazing baby changing pads, we also love who Cam Cam is as a company – their business practices, their values, and their complete line of baby and nursery products.

See, what did we tell you? Styling your nursery changing table can be fun too! Choosing a high-quality change pad like Cam Cam Copenhagen’s baby changing mat opens the door to so many fun decorating opportunities. Choose from a range of lovely prints, pair them up with an array of fun changing table accessories and enjoy easy cleaning and care. Click the button below to shop our full range of adorable and practical baby change mats:

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