Three cat shaped silicone divided plates lined up with two cat shaped silicone baby teether underneath them
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Super Practical Divided Plates for Babies & Toddlers

Some kids don’t like broccoli and some kids don’t like carrots, but some kids… don’t like their carrots touching their broccoli! Yup, true story. So what do you do? Enter – The Divided Plate! 

We currently stock two types of Divided Plates – the silicone divided plate and the bamboo divided plate. Let’s take a closer look at both below. 

Bamboo Divided Plates Shaped like Animals

The bamboo divided plate is actually part of a bigger tableware set called the Jules Dinner Set. The bamboo plate box set contains one large divided plate, one bowl, one drinking cup and one spoon.

This divided bamboo plate set is one of the latest additions to the Liewood family and it comes in 2 different shapes and 4 different colours.

The Cat – feminine, feline and eco-friendly – this darling bamboo plate set has got it all goin’ on! The cat shaped plate has 3 compartments – 1 large and 2 smaller ones and comes in two colours: cream white and dark rose (we currently only stock the dark rose) 

The Rabbit – Nothing beats a cute little bunnyface! The Rabbit shaped divided plate has 4 compartments – 2 large and 2 small ones and it comes in 2 colours too: mustard and grey (and we stock both!). 

Design meets practicality

This bamboo plate set is also super practical because it is dishwasher safe! It comes in a a beautiful gift box making it a perfect ready-to-go baby shower or birthday gift!

Silicone Divided Plates for Durability 

If your child is the world champion of the game “drop it like it’s hot” aka The Thrower of All Things, then silicone tableware might be better suited to your household. Why? Because Silicone is pretty much impossible to break on impact. 

Made of 100% food grade silicone, these super practical silicone plates called Maddox are BPA free and are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic and melamine plates. The plates are very durable & heat resistant – they are both microwave and oven safe. 

These Silicone Divided Plates are the perfect dinnerware solution for the fussy ones, with four (2 big and 2 small) compartments dividing their meals into separate sections. This makes separating the veggies from the meat or the fruit from the yogurt super easy & you can even serve dipping sauces with this plate!

These cute little plates come in two shapes – a cat and a bear – and 6 different colours, including stone grey, cream white, mustard,  dusty mint, rose and grey. 

Another added bonus that comes with silicone, is that it doesn’t absorb odours or flavours and is very easy to clean – the plates are dishwasher safe. We do recommend hand washing them for a longer lifespan though.

That’s it on divided plates! Make sure you check all the tableware out here –

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