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Four Reasons Why We Love Bamboo Kids’ Plates and Tableware Sets

When it comes to feeding our little loves, we are constantly asking ourselves “what is on my child’s plate?” – Is it nutritious? Is it a choking hazard? Is it organic? But many of us rarely ask “what is my child’s plate made of?”.

Child eating cereal at table

Beware of BPAs

The majority of kids’ tableware products are made from various forms of plastic that can contain BPAs and other potentially toxic chemicals. BPA has been known to leach into foods and liquids it comes in contact with, especially when these plastic products are heated. Although BPA has been banned from use in baby bottles, public concerns about plastic tableware leaching BPA into food and beverages hasn’t led to widespread adoption of BPA-free plastic standards.

Our advice? Read the packaging information when purchasing and avoid plastic products that contain BPA. You can also opt for ‘safe plastics’ that are free from BPA and other harmful chemicals such as phthalates.

At Nordlife, we aim to provide non-toxic alternatives to BPA-plastic tableware that are not only safe for your little one, but also sourced from environmentally sustainable materials. In this blog post, read all about one of the many alternatives to plastic tableware – bamboo! We’ll give you the 411 on bamboo, fill you in on the four reasons why we’re loving bamboo kids’ plates as a safe alternative for kids, and highlight well as some of the bamboo plates and sets we have in stock at Nordlife.

Liewood bamboo kids plates and tableware

Bountiful Bamboo!

Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most prolific plants with thousands of practical uses. While a typical commercial tree species takes 25 to 70 years to reach maturity, bamboo can be harvested for commercial use within about four years of planting. Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is in fact a tropical grass whose shoots can grow to heights of up to 15 metres or more (some bamboo species grow up to a metre per day!). Bamboo has a robust root system that produces four to six new shoots per year, allowing it to constantly naturally replenish itself and making it one of nature’s most sustainable resources.

Bamboo sustainable manufacturing material

4 Reasons We Love Bamboo Kids’ Plates and Tableware

Now that you know a bit about the wonderfully abundant and adaptable resource that is bamboo, check out our top four reasons for loving bamboo plates and tableware for kids!

1. Non-toxic

A huge reason we love bamboo plates as an alternative to plastic kids’ tableware is the non-toxic factor. Since bamboo is grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, bamboo plates are non-toxic from the get go. After bamboo is sustainably harvested, it’s used to make kids’ plates, utensils and more using non-toxic manufacturing methods. We love that bamboo kids’ plates are available as a safe, non-toxic alternative to plastic tableware.

Non-toxic bamboo kids plate in dusty mint catLiewood Bamboo Plate – Click to view more

2. Renewable

Another big factor that sets bamboo apart from plastics and even some of its sustainable counterparts is its renewability as a resource. Plastic tableware products use non-renewable fossil fuels, are carbon heavy, and result in waste at the end of their lifecycles. Even wooden tableware products, which as sustainably made and eco-friendly are made from trees that are not as renewable as bamboo. Bamboo’s rapid growth rate and regenerative nature allows it to be harvested every three to four years, making it extremely renewable as a manufacturing material. Bamboo’s rapid growth rate and regenerative nature makes it a renewable resource that just keeps on giving!

Bamboo plate set for kids on a stoolPanda Bamboo Kids Plate Set – Click to view more

3. Easy on the environment

Our children are constantly growing and unless you have another little one in line for your child’s hand-me-downs, it’s inevitable that we have to donate, recycle or chuck out our children’s clothing, bedding, and even dinnerware. With bamboo plates and tableware, you can rest assured knowing that they are much easier on the environment than their plastic alternatives.

Bamboo plate set with a panda face and a pear in it

Panda Bamboo Kids Plate Set – Click to view more


4. High quality material

In addition to its environmental and safety benefits, bamboo is a high-quality material that can stand the test of time (and the tests your little ones put them to!). Bamboo as a material is extremely strong – two to three times stronger than hardwoods such as oak. The inherent strength of bamboo makes bamboo plates sturdy, durable without risking bending or cracking, while also being lightweight. Bamboo kids’ plates are also non-stick as well as heat, stain, odour, and water-resistant – all important factors during mealtime! Bamboo also gives kids plates and tableware a long-lasting soft finish, unlike plastics and some wooden products.

Kids Bamboo plates - brown bear, blue cat and white panda

Liewood Bamboo Kids Plates – Click to view more

Bamboo Kids’ Plates and Tableware Sets at Nordlife

Have you hopped on the bamboo bandwagon yet? If not, take a gander at some of the beautiful bamboo kids plates and tableware products we have at Nordlife. Note: these bamboo tableware sets have been flying off the shelves so if the style you’re after is out of stock, check back soon and sign up for our newsletter to get alerts on restocked products!

Bamboo Plate Set for Baby

Recently added to our virtual shelves are these amazing bamboo plate sets for baby by Danish designer, Liewood. The bamboo baby set contains a plate, bowl, cup, and a spoon and comes in a range of adorable animal variations. Plus, this cute bamboo plate set is packed in a darling gift box making it a perfect ready-to-go baby shower or birthday gift! Take a look at all the different animal-inspired baby bamboo plate sets we have in stock:

Liewood bamboo plates for baby



Mustard Bear – Who wouldn’t love to share a snack or meal with this cute and cuddly bear?




Grey Cat – Here kitty kitty! This bamboo plate and tableware set is the cat’s pajamas!




Rose Cat – How adorable is this rose cat bamboo tableware set? So adorable! And sustainable too!




Panda Bear – Just look at those loving eyes on this darling Panda-themed bamboo plate set!





Bamboo Kid’s Plate Set

Our bamboo kids plate sets by Liewood are perfect for making breakfast, lunch and dinner a little cuter and a whole lot easier on the environment. Super practical and dishwasher safe! This darling bamboo plate set includes a plate, cup, two bowls, and a spoon and comes in five different animal and colour variations – what’s your little one’s favourite?

Liewood bamboo kids plate sets



Beige Leo– For the wildest of little people! This fun print is sure to add a little extra flare to your everyday routine.




Rose Cat – Feminine, feline and eco-friendly – this darling bamboo plate set has got it all goin’ on!




Mustard Bear – Our favourite little bear shows his friendly face on this cute kids tableware set (also available in our baby bamboo plate set).




Grey Rabbit – Who could say ‘I’m not hungry’ to this adorable little bunny? Your kiddo is guaranteed to eat their greens with this cute mealtime pal.





Panda – An adorable panda face and colours made to match any kitchen – what more could you ask for!




Get Inspired!

Looking for a bit of inspiration to help you make the switch to bamboo kids’ plates and tableware? Check out these awesome snaps from Instagram to get you rethinking your little one’s mealtime kit…

Pretty in pink with some whiskers too! @anabelladespina styles her little one’s rose coloured kitty cat Liewood bamboo plate set flawlessly with other Scandi-style elements.

Pink cat ears kids bamboo plate tableware set

Photo via @anabelladespina


You can almost feel the texture and soft finish of this bamboo kids’ plate set just by looking at this photo! Soft to the touch, this beige leo print bamboo plate set by Liewood adds a bit of fun and animal flare to the dinner table.

Leo beige Liewood leopard print kids bamboo plate setLiewood Leo Beige Kids Bamboo Plate Set – Click to view more

We love Bamboo! Do you? We hope this post helped to inform you about the many benefits of bamboo kids plates and gave you a bit of inspiration to help you make the switch to sustainable tableware. As parents, not only do we need to ask ‘what’s on my child’s plate’, but also ‘what’s my child’s plate made out of?’. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about any of our bamboo plates, kids’ tableware or feeding products, feel free to drop us a line.

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*Liewood kids tableware products contains 45% bamboo fiber, 25% melamine, 24,5 corn powder, 5% wood fiber, 0,5% polyamide resin. Although these products are not 100% biodegradable, we feel they are still an excellent alternative to plastics and one step closer to a more sustainable planet.