Room with Linn Wold art printsLinn Wold

Linn Wold is a Norwegian artist and graphic designer whose namesake brand represents her striking line of art prints for home and interior design.

Linn’s passion for art began at a young age in her small hometown of Elverum in Norway. As a girl, she spent her days drawing, painting and crafting, but it wasn’t until she was older that Linn seriously considered art as a career path.

After taking art classes in high school, Linn decided to further pursue art and went on to study graphic design in Florence and art direction in Milan. Linn’s transformative experiences and studies in Italy helped to shape the artist she is today.

Linn draws inspiration from nature, people, interior design, and whimsical imagery. Her exquisite prints are eye catching with hints of surrealism and colour palettes that compliment interior design. With the help of Instagram and social media, Linn’s beautiful works of art have reached the far corners of the globe and gained a momentous online following.

“The fact that our customers make up their own opinions about what my art prints reflect has always been important to me,” Linn says, “What somebody interprets need not be like others, and where someone finds strength, finds other weaknesses. That’s what’s so amazingly fascinating with art.”

Each limited-edition art print is digitally composed by hand and printed with ink on high quality matte printing paper. The prints are signed by hand by Linn Wold herself, and wrapped in elegant paper tube packaging, making them a darling ready-to-go gift.

High-Quality Production

Linn Wold uses high-quality materials enhanced with authentic finishing touches in the production of her fine art prints. All Linn Wold art prints are carefully printed with ink on sustainable matte finish paper, hand-signed and embossed with Linn’s signature stamp.

Striking Home Decor

Make a statement in your home with one of Linn Wold’s visually striking art prints. One of Linn’s biggest inspirations for her art is interior design, which is reflected in each one of her print designs.

Pretty Things by Linn Wold