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Nordlife’s Comprehensive Guide to Baby & Kids Backpacks

Whether your little one is about to begin daycare, another school year or just has an affinity for bringing their entire playroom along on an outing, a great backpack is key. But before ‘adding to cart’, consider these things:

  • Climate and clothing: from Far North Queensland to the Tassie Coast, Australia’s climate varies massively – as will your child’s wardrobe. Think about whether you’ll need to pack a few extra layers, or just a lightweight change of clothes for daycare.
  • Muuuum, I’m hungry! We know kids love to snack, and if you’re sending them off to daycare, you may need to pack lunch. Think about whether you’ll need insulated bottle pockets, space for a lunchbox or just a zip or two for the odd snack.
  • Pretty or practical? Just like pint-sized puffer jackets, mini backpacks can be cute, but aren’t always practical. Get to the bottom of what this bag needs to carry – does your daycare have a long list of items? Do you want their backpack to double as a nappy bag? Or is it just for toys? 


The world of parenthood is jungle enough, so let us take the guesswork out of hunting for the perfect bag! From smallest to biggest, read on below to discover Nordlife’s favourites.

*above photo is an approximate indication of size. 


The Saxo backpack is made from 100% recycled polyester by bestselling Danish brand Liewood. The Saxo is our most compact backpack and is ideal for your littlest ones (1-3 years) to wear themselves! 

While the small size of the Saxo means it isn’t functional as a regular daycare bag, it comfortably fits a small bottle and lunchbox and is the perfect play date companion, with two pockets for small toys.

This gorgeous little bag has double zippers for easy access, a smaller front pocket, and a small inner pocket to fit a bottle, comforter or toy. The Saxo has adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit for your child and has a beautiful space for their name inside the bag.

Measurements for this backpack are as follows: Width 18 cm / Height 24 cm / Depth 9 cm.

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Liewood Allan

Another signature 100% recycled polyester backpack from Liewood, the Allan is suitable for kiddies on the move (3-5 years). 

Distinctly bigger than the Saxo, and available in a range of cute colours and patterns, this bag is still slightly smaller than a traditional kids backpack. It makes for a compact daycare bag, fitting a normal sized drink bottle, lunchbox and change of clothes, or a great bag for a trip to the park.

Like the Saxo, the Allan has a convenient front pocket with a zipper and three small but practical inner pockets for easy organising. This backpack also has a chest strap to make sure it stays snug and secure all day long. 

Measurements for this backpack are as follows: Width 23 cm / Height 28 cm / Depth 11 cm. 

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Elodie Details Mini

The Mini backpack is made by gorgeous Swedish brand Elodie Details with four captivating colours and patterns to choose from. 

Suitable for toddlers (3-5 years), and very similar to the Liewood Allan backpack, this cutesy companion fits a drink bottle, lunch box and change of clothes. The Mini also has the added bonus of a thermo pocket to keep drink bottles cool while on the move.

This bag is packed with both style and practicality, with genuine leather features and a magnetic snap front pocket and double zippers for easy access. The Mini has adjustable straps and a chest strap to make sure it doesn’t fall off little shoulders. You can even personalise your Mini by writing your child’s name in the beautiful space inside the bag. 

Measurements for this backpack are as follows: Width 21 cm / Height 28 cm / Depth 11 cm. Made of 100% Oxford Polyester (shell), 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton (Lining).

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Konges Slojd Mini

Danish brand Konges Slojd brings a backpack suitable for both babies and toddlers (3-5 years) with the Mini. Size wise, the Mini is a smidge larger than the Elodie Details Mini above and easily fits a bottle, lunchbox and change of clothes. 

In addition to being absolutely adorable, this backpack is also super functional. On the outside, it has one front pocket with a zipper and two side pockets which are perfect for one of our Anker or Neo drink bottles (*hint hint*). Inside the backpack, you will find two inner compartments and a removable foam board for added back support. 

Like all other backpacks we stock, Konges Slojd’s range also has a name tag inside the bag. In fact, as recycling and reusing quality items is very in in Scandinavia, the Mini actually has space for three kids names – so you can use this long-lasting bag again and again and again. 

Made of polyester and finished with waterproof BIONIC FINISH ECO coating, this backpack is safer for the environment and our little ones. 

Measurements for this backpack are as follows: Width 24 cm / Height 30 cm / Depth 9.5 cm. 

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Konges Slojd

The older brother to the Mini, Konges Slojd’s Junior backpack is the bigger of their range and the largest backpack we stock at Nordlife (3-10 years+). It’s environmentally-friendly BIONIC FINISH ECO coating makes it waterproof and free from many harmful chemicals, not to mention, gives it a unique look and feel.

Packed to the brim with versatility, this backpack can fit all your child’s school essentials, including a large lunchbox, drink bottle, jumper, library bag and much more. 

Fitting everything you might possibly need, the Junior also has a number of practical features including two side pockets, perfect for our Anker and Neo drink bottles, and a convenient front pocket for smaller items. Inside of the backpack, you will find two inner compartments similar to the Mini as well as a removable foam board. 

Including Konges Slojd’s signature three name tag spaces, this adorable backpack gets our ultimate tick of approval for the school year! Just remember, the Junior is on the larger side, which is why we recommend it for three years and above as it may slip off smaller shoulders.

Measurements for this backpack are as follows: Width 27 cm / Height 38 cm / Depth 11 cm.

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Equipped with a head full of information, it’s now time to free up your hands! Purchase a backpack from our beautiful range today and be prepared for whatever your next outing has in store.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Have a look at the comparison table below for the quick facts. Or simply reach out on chat, phone or email.


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