Miniland – Baby Doll – Asian Boy


These cute baby dolls by Miniland are designed from a hands-on approach in different play patterns to teach children about inclusivity and relationships with others. They promote the value of equality within kids regardless of their race, gender or condition, allowing them to develop social skills such as empathy and tolerance. They will help your little one understand the concept of family, population groups and cultural diversity thanks to their well-defined ethnic features.

Our collection offers a range of Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls that promote skill-building activities, your child will love learning and playing with them!

This Asian Baby Boy Doll comes to you undressed. He has an articulated head, arms and legs and a vinyl body, so he is smooth and flexible to touch. He also has a slight vanilla scent to smell like a newly born baby. Being suitable for kids from 10 months, they make a lovely gift!

This doll comes without clothes. To shop clothes seen in the photos, head on over to the doll’s accessories page here

Model: Anatomically Correct Baby, Asian Boy
Phytalates-free Vinyl
Size: 38 cm
Care: Clean and wash without bathing or diving
Recommended Age: 10 months – 6 years

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Miniland was founded in 1962 in Spain and is now a global leader in the development and manufacture of educational toys and material.

Miniland’s purpose is to create playful learning experiences through the design and manufacturing of a wide range of specialty toys – Miniland invites teachers, parents and children to be the doers and players of the whole story.

Miniland uses the playability from real traditional dolls to support a wide range of skills in a fun and educational way. They believe in empowering every child to shine their own light by highlighting their talent on a trip towards the future where learning and creativity flows with energy and enjoyment in an inclusive way

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