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Silicone Spoons for Babies & Toddlers

Gentle silicone spoons for sensitive gums

Once your baby is around 6 months old, it is time to introduce them to solid foods. There is lot to research and discover in terms of food choices, quantities and timing, but there is also the matter of getting the right tools for the job – your tableware and cutlery. Here’s where Liewood silicone spoons come in.

Liewood’s silicone spoons are perfect for when your baby finally starts exploring food other than the one that comes from a bottle or their almighty mumma.

These beautiful and environment friendly spoons have playful handles that are easy to hold for both the baby and the parent and that double as teethers as well. All of the spoons have different animal shapes with little ears and faces to provide different stimulation.

Soft tips & right kind of curves 

What makes these silicone baby spoons a great choice for teething babies is the tip of the spoon – it is soft and flexible to protect your babies sensitive gums and be as gentle as a spoon can be. The flexible silicone is also soft enough to recover the “leftover” bits from your baby’s chin and cheeks, yet sturdy enough so it won’t bend under the weight of the food. 

The higher curve of the spoon provides more stability as it requires less twisting and bending of the hand than a regular spoon when the little hand moves between the bowl and their mouth. This means less spillage and quicker learning 🙂 

The bowl of the silicone spoon is perfectly shaped for both scooping up food and to fit into small (sometimes still teethless and hurting) mouths.

The spoons also have little bumps and marks on them to give the baby a sense of the “edge” of the spoon – this makes learning to eat with a spoon easier & less messy for both the parent and the baby. 

Spoon for every occasion 

These gorgeous silicone baby spoons come in sets of 4 so you never have to worry about losing one – you can have one in the nappy bag, one in the pram or the car and a couple in the top kitchen drawer where all the other spoons live! This way you have a spoon for every situation you are in, which might in turn help you make better food choices when on the run and out and about. 

The spoons come in five different colours and have cute Liewood animal shapes on the handles. They are made of 100% BPA free silicone and they are safe for both your baby and the environment.

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