Sippy to straws: our Liewood cup comparison

You may be on autopilot when you reach for your morning coffee but for our little ones, drinking from a cup is a whole new adventure!

Lucky for you, Nordlife stocks Liewood’s superior range of silicone baby cups to suit kids big and small. The best part? All Liewood silicone is BPA free, food grade and microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer safe.

But where to start! From sippy spouts to open cups, the world of starting solids and drinks can be daunting enough. Read on below for our comprehensive breakdown to find the one (or all four) best suited to your family.

Neil – Sippy cup with handles 

For our smallest babies, maybe those just starting their solids journey, cue Neil. Aptly nicknamed the ‘no-spill’ training cup, this sippy cup features two handles for easy holding and a sippy spout to ensure not every drop ends up on the floor. With smooth silicone handles the Neil ensures a tight grip, making it easy for even an unexperienced baby to drink from. The Neil will also grow with your baby – remove the sippy top and you have yourself an open cup.

We recommend this cup from 4-6 months (around when you first introduce water). The Neil cup holds up to 150ml. Find the Neil cup here.


Gene – Open cup with handles

As your little one becomes more independent, so should their drinkware. This is where the Gene cup comes in. Similar to the Neil, this cup has two sturdy handles for tiny hands to grasp but with no sippy top, this cup is perfect for toddlers getting the hang of things. The Gene has been made with small studs on the bottom to make it harder to tip over. And best of all? It comes in packs of two, so you can get your fill of Liewood’s gorgeous colour range.

We recommend this cup from 8 months onwards or as your child begins to develop the skill of drinking from an open cup. The Gene cup holds 160ml. Find the Gene cup here.

Ethan – Open cup without handles

As your mini-me reaches toddlerdom and wants to copy everything Mum or Dad does, it might be time to introduce the Ethan. The Ethan cup is a step up from previous training cups, with no handles or lid. Despite not having handles, its durable silicone design means it’s still easy to hold. Grippy: tick. Smash-proof: tick. Ready for purchase as a pack of two? Tick tick!

We recommend the Ethan from 12 months. The Ethan cup holds 220ml. Find the Ethan cup here.

Ellis – Straw cup without handles 

Last but not least, the Ellis is our ‘ageless’ pick. Complete with a small spout, drinking straw and removeable lid, the Ellis is super versatile. It can be used in three different ways – first with the straw, then without the straw (but using the spout) and finally as a regular cup once your little kid becomes no-so-little anymore!

Holding everything from water, to juice and smoothies, the Ellis is perfect all the way from baby to school age. Our favourite part? The Ellis is made in two Liewood bestseller colour combinations, meeting all your two-tone desires.

We recommend the Ellis anywhere from 6 months (or when your child begins learning to drink from a straw). The Ellis cup holds 230ml. Find the Ellis cup here.

All that talk of drinks sure makes you thirsty hey? Quench your thirst by purchasing your ideal cup from our beautiful Liewood range today.

And don’t forget you can continue to colour coordinate your kid’s dinner table with Liewood’s collection of silicone plates, bowls, spoons and tableware. Shop the greater Liewood range here.

Still can’t decide? Reach out to us via chat, email or phone!