Nursery Wall Stickers - Dream Animals
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The Sticker Edit: Wall Stickers You’ll (Really) Love

Whether you’re setting up a cosy and serene nursery for the first time, or you’re ready to give your big kid’s bedroom a makeover, wall stickers are a go-to feature to add whimsical character and detail, to create a room that you and your little one will love.

Are you cringing and conjuring up mental images of generic nursery wall art so saccharine that it makes your teeth hurt? Never fear, Mama, there are no pink-cartoon-owl-in-tree stickers here (phew). Our wall stickers in stylish, Scandi themes will help create a room that you’ll want to be in as much your kids do.

Styling in seconds

Faster than a husband avoiding flat-pack furniture, this is the quickest and easiest way to add personality and style to your child’s room.

Stylish and sophisticated, our minimalistic designs are striking in both their simplicity and also in their ability to makeover an entire room in literally a few minutes. Better yet, our Stickstay wall stickers are sustainable.

If you’re stuck (see what we did there?) for some ideas on where to start, here are some of our favourites in action:


  • Animal wall stickers

Friends to watch over our little ones as they sleep, these little posses of round-tummied, sweet-faced animal buddies are endearing and individual. Featuring seven different sets of animal friends, we love the inclusion of both Aussie and Nordic animals amongst the collection. These animal wall stickers are a refreshing, out-of-the box selection that celebrates nursery favourites and exotic animals alike. The toddler-like animal characters include a hedgehog, moose and an arctic fox, as well as a wolf, white tiger and even an orca.

  • Fly away aircraft wall stickers

“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!” Dr. Seuss’ adventure-inspiring sentiment springs to mind every time we see these adorable aviation-themed wall stickers, featuring a zeppelin, airplane and helicopter. Perfect for the little one who loves things that go, they’ll be doing loop-the-loops when they discover their very own fleet of aircraft on display.

Float up, up and away through the clouds, ballooning the day away. These dreamy hot air balloon wall stickers bring a basketful of whimsy with them. Arrange them in a staggered line across a wall for some depth play. Your tot can imagine that they’re in the middle of a field, watching the balloons’ graceful ascent from the distance.

  • Constellation wall stickers

Your sweet cherub (aren’t they all, when they’re asleep), will drift off into peaceful sleep as their tired little eyes become heavier and heavier, fading into dreams amongst these heavenly bodies.

Have you ever noticed how toddlers especially are magnetised to the wonder of the moon? A serene, inky moon makes a peaceful companion, watching over them as they slumber their way through their celestial adventures. Add a rocket for your little explorer to pilot as they sail the sparkling Milky Way in their dreams. 3… 2…1… and lift off to the land of Nod.

Create the ultimate snuggle-down sleep environment by borrowing from nature’s best sleeping aids. We’re all powerless to resist the soothing patter of fat raindrops and the urge to climb back into bed on a cloudy, rainy day. Bring the deep satisfaction of sleeping away rainy days and spending time indoors in cocooning spaces with some fluffy white clouds and raindrops that you can arrange into anything from a sun-shower to a downpour.

Modern and minimal, these monochrome dots will create a bedroom that even the grown-ups are envious of. Take advantage of neutral walls and let loose with black, grey or pink polka dots. Space them out at regular intervals for some soothing geometry, scatter them between picture frames, or create interest, fun and movement with random placement. For favourite parent status, let your child help.


In the mix

While you’re here, find the perfect finishing touches to your theme. After choosing your wall stickers, browse feature prints in a complimentary theme, and pick some gorgeous textiles. You’ve instantly created a stylish and soothingly understated sanctuary that you can have posted to you and install in matter of minutes. Decorating at its finest! Now, how long is it until bedtime?