Bamboo Kids Dinnerware with plates, cups, cutlery and more
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Bamboo Dinnerware for Babies & Toddlers – What Makes It Sustainable?

Long-lasting and reusable biodegradable bamboo dinnerware is finally here – eco-friendly kids bamboo dishes are washable, durable and practical and they do not have the same enormous environmental impact as the plastics. So let’s take a closer look at what really makes bamboo a great resource that it is.

What makes bamboo sustainable? 

The main motivation behind using bamboo as a material is to give health conscious parents and families an alternative choice to using plastic tableware while protecting the planet from unnecessary pollution and negative environmental impact.

Bamboo is a fully sustainable: It is fast-growing, resilient and biodegradable

  1. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on this planet – it is capable of growing up to four feet a day, which means it can be harvested every 4-5 years, as opposed to 25-70 years for commercial tree species. This makes bamboo great resource for building materials, textiles, non-plastic manufacturing and much much more.
  2. It is an extremely resilient plant – it requires only a small amount of water and it does not require the use of fertilisers or pesticides, saving the environment from yet another type of unnecessary pollution.
  3. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable – It can be fully bidegraded in soil by micro organisms and sunlight. Organically grown bamboo will biodegrade in 4-8 months and the decomposition process causes no harm or pollution to the surrounding environment. This is extremely fast compared to the alternative of plastics, which will biodegrade in 450-1000 years or.. never (the jury is still out on that one).

Bamboo – Material of the future   

Bamboo is definitely the material of the future – it is only a matter of time when people start preferring sustainable materials to plastics and we are sure hoping to be there when they do. At the moment, we are so happy to be selling bamboo dinnerware gift sets for the babies and toddlers in your family. In the future we definitely hope to be stocking up on more of the sustainably made items – bamboo tableware from plates and bowls to cups, cutlery and even placemats.

While we look high and low for said products, you can go ahead and check out the bamboo tableware and dinner sets for kids made by Bloomingville from Sweden here