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How to Clean and Protect Your Leather Moccasins

Wondering how to best take care of your kids’ leather moccasins? You are on the right track here – leather shoes require different care than regular kids’ shoes and that is why we decided to put together this guide. Here you will find a few tips and tricks to help you retain the beauty and quality of your leather baby moccasins just that little bit longer.

Cleaning & drying leather baby moccasins

Always clean your baby moccasins with a high quality saddle soap or leather cleaner only. Use a damp sponge dipped into the cleaner and clean the leather in a circular motion. Then dab the leather gently with a dry cloth.

If your leather moccasins develop a musky odour, sprinkle the inside of the moccasins lightly with baking soda, leaving the soda in the shoe overnight. Shake out the soda before use.

Always dry your moccasins in a warm, dry place and never in direct sunlight. Never put the moccasins in a dryer or near a heater as the heat can shrink the leather.

Does your baby like to chew on their toes?

In case your baby is one of the super acrobatic ones who loves to chew on their feet and you use the moccasins indoors only, we do not recommend using any commercial care products whatsoever. It is more important to keep your baby safe than to save a pair of shoes!

In this case,

– Just wipe your leather moccasins with a damp cloth

– If you need to give your moccasins a more thorough wash, only use “baby-safe” products. We also recommend stuffing the moccasins with absorbent paper for drying. This also helps to maintain their structure and shape.

Bonus tip time!

Keep in mind that from the very first you start using the moccasins, their look will change – after all this is natural leather. Colours might slightly fade or become darker with wear and cleaning, but the quality of the shoe should never really change.

And here’s a bonus tip for you as well – always, always, always keep your leather moccasins safe from cats and dogs – the cheeky rascals absolutely love chewing on them!

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