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Brand Spotlight: Stickstay Nursery Wall Stickers

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We’re shining the spotlight on one of our best-selling brands at Nordlife: Stickstay nursery wall stickers. Stickstay’s wall stickers make the best nursery wall décor – they add an adorable and playful touch to the nursery and provide endless design possibilities. We love Stickstay, not only because of the amazing children’s wall stickers they produce, but also because of their practices and values as a company.

About Stickstay

Hailing from Sweden, Stickstay creates beautiful children’s wall stickers. Each Stickstay wall sticker is designed with love in Sweden by the talented Lisa Flodmark. You can truly see the quality craftsmanship, thought and care that goes into every single wall sticker. The beautiful illustrations are printed on sustainable vinyl for a clean, glossy look and extended durability. The team at Nordlife is delighted to stock a wide range of Stickstay’s amazing wall stickers for kids – from animal wall stickers to rocket and hot air balloon wall stickers – we’ve got something to suit everyone. It’s so fun to see which nursery wall stickers our customers choose to match their little one’s personal style, hobbies and interests. Here’s a look at some of our awesome nursery wall sticker sets…


Animal Wall Stickers

Is there anything kids love more than their furry and fluffy animal friends? We have a huge selection of animal wall stickers to choose from – you’re sure to find your little one’s favourite animal to add to their bedroom or playroom. Stickstay doesn’t just make your ordinary animal stickers and they have pretty much every animal you could think of, including diverse and exotic animal stickers you can’t find anywhere else. We sell all of these adorable animal nursery wall stickers individually or as a complete set!


African FriendsAll the way from Africa – meet our cuddly and cute African friends: Pepper the panther, Bonbon the baboon, Gigi the gazelle, Filippo the hippo and Zitah the cheetah!

Dream AnimalsGood dreams only with these adorable little dream animal nursery wall stickers! Ping the Panda, Wave the wolf, Poppy the penguin, Tango the white tiger, and Banjo the polar bear are the perfect bedtime buddies.

Aussie Mates: We love our Aussie Mates! Lala the koala, King the kangaroo, Darwin the dingo, Vic the wombat & last but not least Sydney the platypus! These pals are sure to brighten the walls of your little one’s nursery or bedroom.

Rainforest Friends: One thing we love about Stickstay’s animal wall stickers is how they familiarise kids with so many exotic animals! Tiny the tapir, Moon the monkey, Lux the leopard, Sun the sloth & last but not least Cruz the crocodile

Nordic Animals: These Nordic animal wall stickers hold a special place in our heart. Disa the deer, Freja the arctic fox, Oden the moose, Loke the lynx and Balder the bear remind us of our Scandinavian/Nordic roots!

Savannah Animals: Meet the Savannah Friends – Eve the elephant, Zet the zebra, Jax the giraffe, Nea the rhino, and last but not least Leo the lion! It’s like having a mini safari in your nursery with this Savannah Animals wall sticker set!

Forest Friends: The cutest forest critters are here to put a smile on your face – Rocky the fox, Ruby the rabbit, Iggy the hedgehog, Barny the badger, and Polly the squirrel make up our Forest Friends animal wall stickers set.

Farmhouse Animals: Bahh, moo, meow, neigh, oink! Meet everyone’s favourite barnyard buds: Charlie the sheep, Coco the cow, Chat the cat, Cherie the horse, and last but not least Cassie the pig!

Dinosaur Wall Decals

If you’re little one is a dinosaur lover, what better way to decorate their room than with these adorable dinosaur nursery wall stickers. Scarlett the Stegosaurus, Trixi the Triceratops, Bobo the Brachiosaurus, Pearl the Parasaurolophus and Teddy the Tyrannosaurusrex – get all five dino friends or create your own gang!

Space & Rocket Wall Stickers

For the mini astronaut in your life – moons, planets and rocket wall stickers are the perfect additions to their bedroom walls. The rocket wall sticker perfectly matches our Saturn wall decal, and they both look great floating amongst stars and crescent moons. You and your kiddo will have a blast using these adorable space and rocket ship wall stickers to create a space-age look that is ‘out of this world’.

Star Wall Stickers

Our star wall stickers are probably our most diverse nursery wall stickers in terms of interior design and decorating. Use them alone for a pretty and delicate touch throughout the nursery, or with our space and rocket wall stickers to complete the outer space scene! Our dainty star wall stickers come in gold, white and black – we love the look created when two of the colours are used together!


Cloud Wall Stickers

These cloud wall stickers are also very diverse for nursery decoration. We’ve seen our customers come up with so many cute ways to decorate using these cloud wall stickers, like over the changing table or next to the bed to create a dreamy, ethereal vibe.


Hearts, Dots & Raindrops

Our heart wall stickers come in a dusty pink and light grey and are simple adorable to decorate with. Create a dainty border around the crib, or create your own design – the possibilities are endless!

Dot wall stickers can be used in the same way as our heart wall stickers by creating cute borders, or disperse them throughout the nursery wall or entire room to create a unique look! Our dot wall stickers come in a variety of cute colours including dusty rose, pink, grey, and black.

Create a raindrop wall with our precious drops wall stickers in grey, nearly black and pink. These raindrop nursery wall stickers can be used with our cloud wall stickers to create an adorable rainy skyscape!

Hot Air Balloon Wall Stickers

Up, up and away! Our hot air balloon wall stickers have been a huge hit with our customers. We love the unique, hand-sketched design and the whimsical touch they add to nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms. These hot air balloon wall stickers are fun to use with our cloud wall stickers or even amongst some of our raindrop and heart wall stickers.

Ocean & Whale Wall Stickers

Bringing ‘the big blue’ right to you with our range of sweet ocean animals and whale wall stickers. We have Elle the turle, Otis the Orca, Vega the shark, and Echo the whale. These ocean animals and whale wall stickers are perfect for designing a cute under the sea theme.

Inspirational Quote Wall Decals

We love how these inspirational quote wall decals serve as little daily reminders of the love, inspiration and hope we share for our children. Stickstay creates some beautiful quote wall stickers including: ‘Eat, play, sleep, repeat’, “To the moon and back”, and ‘Kid, you will move mountains’. We love how the ‘Dream Big Little One’ wall decal can be used along with cloud wall stickers and hot air balloon wall stickers to create a dreamy little masterpiece right on the nurery wall! All of our inspirational quote kids wall decals come in lovely fonts in both black and white to suit various nursery and kids’ bedroom décor schemes.

There are plenty of options for children’s wall stickers and decals out there, but in our opinion (and our customers’), Stickstay makes the best ones on the market. Stickstay’s wall stickers have a timeless aesthetic with hand-sketched illustrations that will outlive trends and always be in style – they are truly mini works of art! The best part about decorating with these kid’s wall stickers is letting your little one choose where to put them. Let the creativity flow!

Our nursery wall stickers ship Australia-wide for just $5 and worldwide for $10! Plus, did you know that we give away a FREE set of animal wall stickers every month?! All you have to do for a change to win a complete set of nursery wall stickers is post a photo on Instagram with Nordlife products and tag us in the photo! Easy as can be!

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