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Nursery Styling with Cam Cam Copenhagen

When we first started Nordlife, our vision was to create an online store with products that embodied everything we love about Scandinavian and Nordic interior design – function, simplicity, connection to nature, and understated elegance. Cam Cam Copenhagen does just that with their line of nursery products – from their organic baby bedding and decorative cushions, to their cot canopies and baby mobiles, Cam Cam does Scandi style nursery décor like no other!

Not only do we love Cam Cam for their excellent nursery products, we also love who they are and what they stand for as a company…


About Cam Cam

Cam Cam Copenhagen is a Danish company, founded in 2012 and run by architect couple Sara Giese Camre and Robert Warren Paulsen. Cam Cam makes everything you will need to deck out your entire nursery, and their line of nursery products comes in a variety of gorgeous colours, patterns and designs.

Cam Cam’s overall design focuses on sustainability, organic production, high-quality materials and timeless designs. Their products are trend-independent and produced to last generations. In this day and age, modern-day kid life is typically filled with noisy cartoons, television, iPhones, iPads, plastic toys and other distractions. The Cam Cam family strives to provide a gentle contrast to this modern-day lifestyle which is why they’ve put forth their brand of calm and harmonious products for children, babies and their parents.

We love that Cam Cam brings their values of sustainability, quality and timelessness to every single one of their Scandinavian-style products. Cam Cam effortlessly combines traditional with contemporary in their line of high quality baby, kids and nursery items. And the fact that they basically produce everything you could ever need for a baby’s or kid’s room, means that it’s a one-stop shop for a perfectly styled and coordinated nursery!


Cam Cam Nursery Essentials

If you’re starting from scratch when designing your nursery for your little bundle of joy, Cam Cam Copenhagen has everything you need to stock your baby’s room in style. Here are some of our favourite nursery essentials:


Baby Changing Mats

Cam Cam changing mats are adorable, practical, and perfect for your little one’s daily essentials. The mat’s cold-pressed foam padding makes it super comfortable for baby by providing a firm shape and good support.Plus, it has high edges to keep your little one from wriggling around too much during changing time! The changing mat cushion has a water repellent coating, and the foam padding inside the mat has a soft lining fabric for easy removal and cleaning.

The changing mat’s ultra-soft, 100% organic cotton cover comes in our favourite Cam Cam signature patterns:

  • Pressed Leaves Blue
  • Pressed Leaves Rose
  • Grey Wave
  • Raindrops

The variety of patterns means you can take your pick and use this changing mat as the starting point for designing your entire nursery!




Organic Cotton Muslins

Cam Cam’s organic cotton muslin cloths are heaven-sent! They come in a standard size and also in a larger swaddle size. The standard size muslins can be used in the cot, during meal time or thrown in the nappy bag for on-the-go use. The muslins are made of super soft & breathable GOTS-certified organic cotton and the fabric is nice and light with great texture due to the delicate weaving. The swaddles come in navy and crème white and the standard size muslins come in heaps of gorgeous colours:

  • Mustard
  • Baby Blue
  • Navy
  • Nude
  • Grey
  • Petroleum
  • Mint
  • Blush

You can stock up on these amazing organic muslins on our site with bundles of three or five muslins – and you can pick the colours!


Baby Quilts & Blankets

The baby quilts Cam Cam makes are ideal for breathability in the summer months and optimal warmth during the winter months. The quilt also doubles as a play mat! Cam Cam’s baby quilts are stitched with an awesome geometric pattern and come in a rose and a mint colour – both of which look fantastic with the pressed leaves pattern on the baby blanket.

Folded baby quilt for nursery in mint

Folded baby quilt for nursery in rose







Baby Nests

We love Cam Cam’s baby nests because of their quality, comfort, and versatility. These baby nests can be used on the couch, when travelling, or during supervised play time. They’re also super

helpful tools. The sides are supportive and the ties at the end of the nest ensure baby can stay nice and snug whilst in the nest. They come in three of Cam Cam’s signature prints: Raindrops, Pressed Leaves Rose and Grey Wave.

Baby nest with zipper and lining in raindrops patternNursery nest for baby in grey wave patternPressed leaves rose baby nursery nest with zipper and lining

Ultimate Cam Cam Nursery Décor Items

Once you have your nursery essentials sorted, the fun really starts! Cam Cam has a huge variety of nursery decorations that are not only beautiful and unique, but also functional and high quality.

Child in nursery featuring star shaped cushion in old rose


Cot Canopies

Cot canopies have to be our favourite things to style a nursery or kid’s room with. They’re flowy, dreamy and ethereal and have the ability to turn an otherwise plain space into a picturesque haven. These canopies are large enough to be hung over the crib or a single bed, over the changing table, or in a corner of the room (kids love to play in them!). They come in some great colours that can be matched with Cam Cam’s full range of nursery products:

  • Dot Grey
  • Dot Old Rose
  • Dot Rose
  • Dot Blue Mist
  • Dot Crème Gold


Star Cushions

Star cushions add a novelty and whimsical element to any room. They can be used as a finishing touch in the cot or bedspread, or in a cosy corner in the playroom along with one of our cot canopies for a fairy-tale like space for your little one. The cushion cover is made of 100% organic cotton and comes in a variety of lovely colours and patterns:

  • Grey
  • Mustard
  • Rose
  • Old Rose
  • Pressed Leaves Rose
  • Blue Mist


Nursery Mobiles

Mobiles are classic and timeless nursery decorations. Cam Cam makes some fabulous mobiles that are perfect additions for any nursery.


Balloon Mobiles

Cam Cam’s handmade balloon music mobiles add a soothing touch to the nursery or changing area and audio-visual relaxation and stimulation for your little bubba. These beautiful mobiles play “Summertime” by George Gershwin – simply serenity! The balloon mobiles come in beautiful Cam Cam prints:

  • Pressed Leaves Blue
  • Pressed Leaves Rose
  • Peacock Grey
  • Mint
  • Rose
  • Grey


Peacock Mobiles

These exquisite Scandinavian-style peacock-shaped baby mobiles are a great piece to add to your nursery décor. They can be hung above the cot or changing table to help soothe and entertain baby whilst providing a nice touch to the nursery. These lovely peacock mobiles come in four beautiful colours:

  • Grey
  • Mint
  • Rose
  • Old Rose


Baby Toys

When it comes to baby toys, Cam Cam Copenhagen steers away from the busy, complicated, light-up, plastic toys we typically see on the market and instead focuses on simplicity and quality. We love Cam Cam’s rattles and teddy bears because they’re not only made of sustainable and safe materials, but because they also double as beautiful nursery décor! Win Win!


Leaves Rattle

Babies and mums alike LOVE Cam Cam’s leaves rattles. The eco-friendly smooth wood ring gives the rattle a natural look and the embroidered leaves are filled with crinkle paper and a jingly bell making it fun and entertaining for bubba! Each rattle is hand-embroidered giving it a unique homemade look. These baby leaves rattles come in blue and rose.

Teddy Bears

Just picture adorable Mr. Teddy propped up in the cot or on your kiddo’s bedspread. You can rest assured knowing that this teddy bear is made of 100% organic cotton so you don’t have to worry about your little one snuggling up with it! These darling teddies come in Pressed Leaves Blue and Pressed Leaves Rose.

Cam Cam Copenhagen is driven by love for all children and a commitment to sustainable producing products that last generations. Cam Cam nursery items are truly ones are passed down through families, creating memories and embedding them in the products. We’re proud to stock a brand that so closely aligns with our values as a company and we love that people can use Cam Cam’s timeless designs to decorate an entire nursery with quality products that bring joy to kids and grown-ups alike.


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