Pile of organic cotton muslins wraps and swaddles in mustard, grey, petroleum and other colours
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Cam Cam Muslins are a Baby’s Best Friend

Gentle on skin.

Have you checked out our range of organic cotton muslin cloths and swaddles by Cam Cam Copenhagen? If not, here’s the down-low on these amazing baby cloths.

What is muslin fabric?

Muslin fabric is a delicate yet durable fabric made from natural cotton fibres with a soft, breathable open weave. The open weave on muslin fabric made it perfect for use in regions with high humidity – especially in India where the fabric originated. The term ‘muslin’ is derived from the French word ‘mousse’ due to its soft, foamy texture and feel. Muslin cloths are an extremely versatile textile and have a wide range of household uses, but their super soft, breathable and natural fabric makes them the perfect material for babies’ sensitive skin.

Cam Cam Organic Cotton Muslin Cloths

Cam Cam Copenhagen makes an adorable and practical range of 100% organic cotton muslin cloths. Not only are they made of the softest GOTS-certified organic cotton, but also come in different charming colours, made to match the pram, the children’s room or the changing table. These muslins are the most versatile nursery items – you can use them as burping cloths, throw a few in the nappy bag for on the go use, and even use them as all-purpose cleaning cloths around the house!

One thing we absolutely love about Cam Cam Copenhagen muslin cloths is that they’re environmentally sustainable. Cam Cam uses socially and environmentally conscious production methods to make these super soft & breathable GOTS-certified organic cotton muslins. The natural and sustainable fibres are woven delicately and gives the fabric a lovely texture. Rather than using cheap cloths made of synthetic fibres and fabrics, stock your nursery with sustainably-made organic cotton muslins from Cam Cam!

Not only does the four-layer breathable GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric in these muslin cloths make them sustainable, it also makes them super soft and snuggly for baby. You can rest assured knowing that when using these muslins during meal time, at the changing table, or simply for a snuggle, they are toxin-free and won’t irritate your little one’s delicate skin.

Our range of standard size Cam Cam muslins come in heaps of gorgeous colours made to match the nursery and other adorable Cam Cam products:

Mustard – pair this one with our mustard star cushion and mustard baby swing

Baby Blue – coordinate this muslin with the blue nursery leaves rattle and leaves garland

Navy – match this standard sized muslin with the navy muslin swaddle.

Nude – this nude muslin goes well with pretty much everything and makes a great addition to a modern, neutral-toned nursery decor scheme.

Grey – pair this one with our grey baby nest, peacock music mobile or hooded baby towel!

Petroleum – one of our newest additions! Pair this petroleum blue muslin with or our Byel toddler swing.

Mint – lovely and bright, this mint coloured muslin matches perfectly with our mint baby quilt and out mint coloured peacock music mobile

White – simple and classic, the white muslin cloth is a must-have in any nursery. Stock up on a few of these and the matching crème muslin swaddle!

Blush – soft and sweet, pair this blush muslin our nursery bunting or rose coloured cot canopy!

You can stock up on these amazing organic muslins on our site with bundles of three or five muslins – and you can pick the colours!

Cam Cam Muslin Swaddles

Cam Cam’s large muslin swaddle (120 x 120 cm) can be used to swaddle your new-born while they sleep. The light muslin fabric is perfect for warmer weather, hotter climates and summertime because they keep baby night and snug without overheating. Cam Cam’s muslin swaddles are also great for use when breastfeeding as they can be used as a cover to drape over baby and for wiping up small spills. Another fantastic use for these muslin swaddles is using them as a light cover to drape over the pram to keep the sun off your baby’s precious and delicate skin. You can also use these swaddles on top of your changing table as a base to keep it clean – simply toss into the wash to clean! The muslin swaddles come in navy and crème white.

Not only are these muslin swaddles adorable and practical, they also are intended for one of the oldest traditions in baby care – swaddling. Swaddling your baby during their first few months of life has countless benefits.

Benefits of swaddling:

For decades, midwifes and healthcare providers have recommended swaddling babies during their first three months of life. When your little one wrapped up in a swaddle, it simulates the familiar and comforting feeling of the mother’s womb. Here are a few of the benefits of swaddling your little one:

  1. Longer and more sound sleep
  2. Prevents unnecessary awakening due to startle reflexes
  3. Soothes babies and alleviates colic
  4. The traditional hands-over-heart swaddling position allows babies to self-soothe and sleep better on their own
  5. Prevents accidental face scratching

Cam Cam Swan Muslin Baby Comforters

In addition to their standard size and swaddle size muslins, Cam Cam Copenhagen makes these darling swan baby comforters – we stock them in off-white and dusty rose colours. At 48 x 48 cm, these Swan security blankets are the perfect size for a cuddle in the cot or pram. Featuring a lovely and soft organic muslin fabric made of 100% GOTS-certified premium cotton and a delicately embroidered swan. This toy is great for little ones as it provides comfort, cuddles, and a darling aesthetic touch to the cot or nursery. The dusty rose and off-white colours both pair well with Cam Cam Copenhagen’s line of nursery and baby products.

Baby with dusty rose swan cuddle cloth

Photo via @ma_house

About Cam Cam Copenhagen

Cam Cam Copenhagen was founded in 2012 by a Danish architect couple –Robert Warren Paulsen and Sara Giese Camre. The overall design focus of Cam Cam centres around organic production, sustainability, high-quality materials and timeless designs. Through their vast range of baby and nursery decor products, Cam Cam aims to provide a gentle contrast to modern-day norm of cheap, plastic, trendy, disposable items – their products are trend-independent and produced to last generations.

We love that the values and business practices of Cam Cam Copenhagen align with our own here at Nordlife. They bring their values of sustainability, quality and timelessness to every single one of their Scandinavian-style products. They effortlessly combine the traditional with contemporary in their line of high quality baby, kids and nursery items. Cam Cam essentially makes everything you will need to deck out your entire nursery, and their line of nursery products comes in a variety of gorgeous colours, patterns and designs.

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s muslin cloths, muslin swaddles, and swan baby comforters take practicality to the next level. We love them all because of their soft, sustainable muslin fabric, their stylish colours, and their versatility in the nursery and beyond! When having a baby, these muslin cloths are simply a must-have baby item! Click the button below to shop our entire range of beautiful, soft, sustainable and versatile muslin cloths and swaddles by Cam Cam:

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