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Three Reasons Why We Love Cam Cam Copenhagen Baby Bibs

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When it comes to baby burping cloths and bandana bibs, the requirements are simple:

  • Easy to clean

  • Durable, quality fabric and materials

  • Looks good on your little one

Simple right? Well if your search for the perfect baby bib is coming up short, we’ve got you covered. Not only do Cam Cam Copenhagen’s bandana bibs meet these standards, they knock them out of the park!

Cam Cam’s baby bibs are an absolute must-have during that first year or two of your little bubba’s life. Feeding, bottle time, burping, you name it – these adorable and practical bandana bibs are the real deal. These bandana bibs feature a super soft cotton base, two adjustment levels and an easy press button closure to make feeding time as comfortable as can be for your little one. Each baby bib also has a super durable water repellent coating so that spills can be easily wiped away and won’t leave a stain.

Pack of three Cam Cam baby bibsPack of three baby bibs. Click to view more


So now you know a bit about these fantastic bibs, here are our top three reasons why we love them so:

1. High quality and sustainable materials

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s bandana bibs are made of 100% OCS-grade organic cotton fabric. Organic cotton means you know it will be super soft and comfortable for baby, plus they’re totally toxin-free. When it comes to baby products, it’s always best to steer clear of synthetic fabrics and materials that might contains harmful toxins.

Not only are these bandana bibs derived from 100% organic cotton, they are also produced via sustainable methods and with environmentally-friendly materials. With so many products on the market today, it’s important to always choose sustainable goods, even down to the baby bibs you use in your nursery. We love that Cam Cam’s baby bibs align with the Nordlife values of sustainability.

Baby wearing Cam Cam pressed leaves blue bandana bibClick to view more

2. Easy to clean

Not only are these amazing bandana bibs made from high quality and sustainable materials, they are also super easy to clean! The durable water repellent coating on these baby bibs means that spills can be easily cleaned and wiped away without leaving a stain. The water repellent coating also means that your little one can stay cleaner during meal times.

When it comes time for a deep clean, simply toss the baby bibs in the wash at 40 degrees. No ironing required – score!

So now you know these baby bibs are an absolute essential – can it get any better? Yes! Get them for cheaper on our site when you buy in bulk! Stock up and save on our site when you buy a pack of two baby bibs or pack of three baby bibs – plus you get to choose your own colours! Oh and of course it does get even better… cute prints!


3. Adorable prints made to match the entire nursery

Not only are Cam Cam bandana bibs sustainable, practical, and easy to clean, they also come in a variety of cute prints and colours made to perfectly match the nursery and other Cam Cam baby and nursery products. Choose from super adorable bright and bubbly prints like Pressed Leaves, Raindrops, or Swan, or go for a more classic and neutral look with Grey Wave or Peacock Grey.

Cam Cam range of baby feeding bibs and burping cloths


Grey Wave Baby Bib – featuring a calming wave pattern, this bib is a staple for any nursery. Pair this lovely bandana bib with our grey wave baby nest, grey wave changing mat, or our grey wave hooded baby bath towel.


Swan Baby Bib – simple and sweet – this swan baby bib looks so nice alongside our dusty rose swan baby comforter and dusty rose-coloured baby quilt.


Peacock Grey Baby Bib – a perfect bib for neutral-toned nurseries – this baby bandana bib looks great paired with our peacock grey balloon music mobile and our adorable grey decorative star cushion.


Pressed Leaves Baby Bib – a true Cam Cam classic – pressed leaves is a timeless pattern that simply looks great on everything! Pair this pressed leaves baby bib with our pressed leaves teddy bear, changing mat, baby nest and star cushion.


Pressed Leaves Blue Baby Bib – Pressed Leaves in Blue! Pair this adorable bib with our huge range of baby and nursery products that come in Pressed Leaves Blue including our pressed leaves blue change mat, pressed leaves blue balloon baby music mobile, and the pressed leaves blue teddy bear toy.


Raindrops Baby Bib – Cam Cam’s raindrop pattern is just the sweetest. This bib matches perfectly with our raindrop baby nest and raindrops changing mat.


Peacock Old Rose Baby Bib – a lovely and absolutely adorable pattern, this Peacock Old Rose baby bib looks great paired with our old rose peacock music mobile, dot rose gold kids bed canopy, and our rose coloured hooded baby bath towel.



About Cam Cam Copenhagen

Cam Cam familyCam Cam Copenhagen is definitely one of our star brands. You’ve probably seen them featured in our blog before – and for good reason!

Founded in 2012, Cam Cam Copenhagen is a Danish company run by two architects: Sara Giese Camre and Robert Warren Paulsen. Through Cam Cam, Sarah and Robert aim to create products that serve as a gentle contrast to typical plastic, cheaply made baby and nursery products. The Cam Cam brand is all about calm and harmonious products for children, babies and their parents with an overall design focus on sustainability, organic production, high-quality materials, and timeless designs. Cam Cam makes everything you will could ever need to deck out your entire nursery, and their line of nursery products comes in a variety of gorgeous colours, patterns and designs. But what we love the most about Cam Cam Copenhagen is their commitment to quality design and environmental standards. They use GOTS-certified organic cotton and cotton blends in most of their products including baby blankets and baby bibs, natural wood in their toys, and overall high quality and non-toxic materials. We love you Cam Cam!


We hope you enjoyed this little look at the top three reasons we LOVE Cam Cam Copenhagen’s range of adorable and practical baby bibs. When you have a baby or toddler, bandana bibs are simply a must-have for feeding, bottle and meal time. And when it comes to picking out the perfect bibs for your little bundle of joy, quality, durability, practicality and aesthetics are all important factors to consider. Cam Cam Copenhagen’s darling line of bandana bibs have all the bases covered when it comes to high quality, easy to clean, sustainable, and totally cute bibs.

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