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What a wonderful time in life it is when your little bubba is learning to crawl and eventually. From watching your little one scuttle across the floor, to witnessing them taking those first few steps, you can’t help but to savour these precious moments. It’s a phase of growth, exploration and discovery – and perhaps a few inevitable little bumps and bruises.

We’re shining the spotlight on a brand that makes that wonderful time in your baby’s life a little bit safer and a whole lot cuter. Introducing: GoBabyGo – designer of adorable and practical baby clothing specifically designed for crawling and walking success.

About GoBabyGo

GoBabyGo brand familyGoBabyGo is a Danish brand, created out of similar inspiration to a lot of our brands – personal dissatisfaction in the lack of quality products in the market. In 2003, Fie Aspöck Jonsen founded GoBabyGo with her young son as her motivation for creating the brand.

When Fie’s son, Emil, who has born two months premature, he only weighed 1400 grams. Although the little one quickly started gaining weight, he had a lot of trouble learning the natural progression of motor skills – crawling, climbing, standing up, etc. When Fie saw Emil was struggling with learning these motor skills, she started to look into products and alternative methods to help improve her little boy’s motor skills and sought advice from paediatric physiotherapists. All of the healthcare professionals Fie spoke to reassured her that all children master these skills eventually, and it’s only the time and effort put into learning them that varies.

From both her own research and consultation with professionals, Fie concluded that so much of learning new motor skills lies in the little things. Products that have been purposely designed to help improve the motor skills of little ones greatly impacts the child’s progression.

Fie decided to share this knowledge and new way of looking at childhood development, by creating her brand, GoBabyGo. GoBabyGo is all about creating children’s clothing specifically designed to help improve the motor skills of children like Emil even further.


In addition to our values of high quality production and sustainability, part of the reason we select our brands so carefully here at Nordlife is because we love supporting heart-warming origin stories of companies like GoBabyGo. Not only is their story one of inspiration and transparency, the products they make are incredibly well-made and high quality.

So now you know a bit about the wonderful brand that is GoBabyGo, let’s take a look at some of their awesome products intended for little ones learning to crawl and walk…


Non-slip baby socks

Slippery surfaces = conquered. These non-slip socks will have your little bubba doing all that wonderful exploring a little more safely. These adorable and practical traction socks are made of thick and breathable cotton, which makes them the perfect substitute for slippers. Shoes with hard soles may impede child’s movement, whereas socks with non-slip soles are ideal for the curious little feet! These cute baby socks have super handy non-slip soles and rubber bumps on the toes to give your little one maximum mobility and safety. These traction socks are great if you have hardwood flooring or tile flooring in your home – or really, any surface that could be even the least bit slippery! These darling little non-slip socks come in four stylish colours and the rubber traction bumps on the soles and toes are made of non-toxic and phthalate-free silicone.

Colours: Mint, Dusty Rose, Grey Melange, Petroleum Blue

GoBabyGo traction socks

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Crawling leggings

Totally cute leggings, with a purpose. These adorable traction leggings are made of soft stretch cotton for great mobility and comfort of your little one. They come in four cute colours and have rubber traction bumps on the knees to keep your child steady and safe when crawling around – whatever the surface. The rubber traction bumps on GoBabyGo products are made of silicone, which, naturally, is free of harmful substances and phthalates. Pair these cute crawling leggings up with GoBabyGo’s non-slip socks and you have a perfect combo! And just like that – your baby can explore and discover to its heart’s content without slipping on smooth surfaces.

Colours: Mint, Dusty Rose, Grey Melange, Petroleum Blue

GoBabyGo crawling traction leggings

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Baby kneepads

Now, kneepads might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘baby clothing’, but knee protection is so very important when a little one is learning to crawl. Knee protection is especially important in the summer months to protect the little knees from rough surfaces while they’re motoring around outside.

Bumps and bruises be gone! These GoBabyGo kneepads are the answer to soothe your nerves as your baby is crawling around indoors or outdoors. Knowing that her knees are protected as she’s doing all that wonderful exploring and discovering will surely put your mind at ease. These adorable baby kneepads come in four beautiful colours and the rubber traction bumps on them are made of silicone, which is naturally free from harmful substances and phthalates. Pull them onto bare legs, over tights or pants and your child is ready for new challenges ahead!

Colours: Mint, Dusty Rose, Grey Melange, Petroleum Blue

GoBabyGo traction kneepads for babies and toddlersPhoto via @mellypook


Gift sets

We’ve all had that ‘Oops!’ moment when a baby shower or birthday sneaks up on us and we totally forgot to shop for a gift. Before panic sets in, rest assured we’ve got the perfect solution for you…

Luckily for you (and the little one in your life), GoBabyGo makes beautifully packaged gift sets with all of the above items in every colour. These adorable and practical crawling starter kits include crawling leggings with rubber traction bumps on the knees, a pair of anti-slip socks, and a pair of traction crawling kneepads. These cute little gift sets are basically a ready-to-go kit for crawling and walking success! These gift sets are the perfect way to deck out a little one in head-to-toe perfectly-coordinated, stylish and safe crawling attire.

And the best part of these GoBabyGo gift sets is that all of these wonderful traction baby clothes are wrapped up in an adorable box making it a perfect, ready to go baby shower or birthday gift.

Baby shower gift = solved.

Colours: Mint, Dusty Rose, Grey Melange, Petroleum Blue

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We hope you enjoyed our Brand Spotlight of the month, featuring the makers of awesome traction baby clothing, GoBabyGo. It’s so important to give your little one the best of the best during the first few years of their life and GoBabyGo is here to do just that. From learning to crawl to taking those first precious steps, GoBabyGo has got you covered with nonslip baby socks, traction leggings and baby kneepads.


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