How to Style Your Nursery with Cam Cam Star Cushions

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This week, we’re taking a look at one of Cam Cam Copenhagen’s ‘star’ products – decorative star-shaped cushions! These star cushions are some of our best sellers and are always popping up on our Instagram, providing some awe-inspiring nursery design inspo. Each darling star cushion has a beautifully embroidered 100% organic cotton fabric cover and a 100% Oeko-tex standard polyester filling. These star cushions are super high quality and derived from sustainably sourced materials. We love that these cushions can pretty much be used anywhere to add a dreamy accent here and there, and they can tie the entire room together when paired with matching Cam Cam products.


– Star Cushions –


Cam Cam nursery star shaped cushionsRose

Soft and sweet, Cam Cam’s rose colour is just the understated nursery decor accent pillow you’re been waiting for. Pair this lovely rose coloured decorative star cushion up with our dusty rose swan baby comforter (also made by Cam Cam Copenhagen), our dot rose nursery canopy, and our rose peacock music mobile.


Blue Mist

Baby blue – an absolute staple for any baby boy’s (or girl’s!) nursery. This blue mist star cushion looks great alongside our mixed blue leaves nursery bunting, out dot blue mist bed canopy, and of course – a nursery and baby essential – our baby blue organic cotton muslin cloth.


Pressed Leaves Rose

Ah, pressed leaves – a truly classic Cam Cam print. We love all-white nurseries that have a handful of pressed leaves patterned items that tie everything together like this star cushion, our pressed leaves rose and blue changing mats, pressed leaves rose baby nest, pressed leaves baby blanket, and our pressed leaves rose balloon music mobile.


Old Rose

Cam Cam’s old rose colour is a lovely darker shade of muted pink. We love that this star pillow adds a lady-like touch without being overly pink. Pair this darling star shaped cushion up with our dot old rose bed canopy, our old rose peacock music mobile, and our lovely dusty rose wave baby quilt.



Doesn’t this colour just make you want to smile? Add a splash of colour to your little one’s nursery or bedroom with this contemporary mustard colour! This star cushion just so happens to perfectly match our Byel hanging toddler swing (made in Estonia) as well as our mustard-coloured organic cotton muslin.



Simple and classic – you can never go wrong with grey nursery decorations! And luckily for you, we have heaps of nursery decor items in this lovely shade of grey, including our dot grey bed canopy, grey wave baby nest, grey wave changing pad, Cam Cam grey weekend and nursing bags, and of course our grey peacock music mobile.




So now you know a bit about these wonderful and whimsical star pillows, have a look at some nursery design inspo from our Instagram for creative ways to use star cushions…


– Creative ways to style Cam Cam star cushions –


Adorn a chair or bench in the nursery

Instantly transform a drab looking chair or bench in your nursery by simply adding a star cushion or two. Cam Cam star pillows have the ability to transform an otherwise plain seating area into an adorable, whimsical, and darling seating area. Plus, the colours and prints these star cushions come in help to tie the entire nursery together! Mix and match, stack and stock up on these wonderful star cushions!

Mustard and pressed leaves rose Cam Cam star cushions on nursery benchMustard and pressed leaves star cushions – click to view more

Use as a bedspread accent

These decorative star shaped pillows make the perfect finishing touch for baby cots and kid’s bedspreads. All of the adorable prints and colours that these star cushions come in makes it super easy to perfectly match Cam Cam bedspreads, baby blankets, and kids bedding, allowing you to effortlessly create the perfectly coordinated bedspread.

Rose and grey and old rose star cushions on kids bedspreadGrey, rose and old rose star cushions – click to view more


We love how @charlottesandal has adorned her little one’s cot and tied the whole nursery together with two of the grey star cushions. She’s also added a lovely, dreamy touch with some hot air balloon and cloud wall stickers! Simply wonderful.


Also, how dreamy is this kids bedroom setup created by @mamma.ulrikke?! She uses the blue mist star cushion to accent her little one’s adorable bedroom along with one of our most popular Stickstay nursery wall stickers: “Dream big little one”.

Create a play nook in the nursery

In addition to adorning existing furniture, star shaped cushions can be used to create a whole new space in the nursery, kids room or playroom. Create a dreamy playspace for your child to play or an adorable and playful reading nook for them to cosy up in! Add in a Cam Cam cot canopy to really take the cuteness to the next level (and of course the bed canopies pair perfectly with all the colours of the star cushions!).

Loving @madelen88’s styling of this whimsical and gorgeous play nook – complete with our grey and blue mist star cushions, a cot canopy, cloud and hot air balloon wall decals, and other adorable nursery decor. The greys and blues in this nursery decor scheme are so soothing!


Another lovely play space by @charlottesandal, featuring two grey star pillows that match oh-so-perfectly with our grey wave baby quilt/play mat (also made by Cam Cam!). What a perfect little play area.


About Cam Cam

Cam Cam Copenhagen was born out of a need for high quality, sustainable, and aesthetically appealing nursery products, made to outlast trends and withstand the years. Founded in Denmark in 2012 by architect couple Sara Giese Camre and Robert Warren Paulsen, Cam Cam’s overall design focuses on sustainability, organic production, high-quality materials and timeless designs.

In this day and age, many kid and baby products are cheaply made from plastic and synthetic materials. Cam Cam strives to provide a gentle contrast to this modern-day norm, which is why they’ve put forth their brand of calm and harmonious products for children, babies and their parents. Their baby, kid, and nursery decor products are trend-independent, sustainably made, and produced to last generations.

Cam Cam makes everything you will need to deck out your entire nursery, and their line of nursery products comes in a variety of gorgeous colours, patterns and designs. We love that Cam Cam values sustainability, quality and timelessness to every single one of their Scandinavian-style products, as these values are also at the core of Nordlife. Cam Cam effortlessly combines traditional with contemporary in their line of high quality baby, kids and nursery items. It’s a one-stop shop for a perfectly styled and coordinated nursery!


We hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at one of our ‘star’ products and hopefully you now have some nursery design inspiration to start styling your own nursery with these wonderful star cushions. Cam Cam Copenhagen star shaped decorative pillows make for simply stunning nursery decor, made from the best quality materials, and come from a brand we fully stand behind. Don’t forget to tag us (@nordlifeau) in your own Instagram photos of your stylish star cushions and other Nordlife products for a chance to win a free set of Stickstay animal wall stickers every month!


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