Our Top Five Favourite Baby Blankets

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No one can argue that baby blankets and bedding are essentials – but here at Nordlife, we go beyond the essentials to bring you well-made, high quality, sustainably-sourced, and aesthetically stunning nursery decor and kids bedding made by only the best Nordic and Scandinavian designers.

All of our kids bedding and baby blankets are made with organic materials, because we place a high value on quality production and on our environment. Not only are our organic baby blankets and toddler bedding well-produced, they also are the crème of the crop when it comes to Scandinavian-style nursery design. When searching for new products to stock, we always look for those timeless prints that withstand trends and never go out of style.

So, without further ado, here is our list of our top five all-time favourite baby blankets:

1. Cot & Single Bedspreads by Garbo & Friends

Garbo’s cot & single size kid’s bedspreads are simply stunning. Made of 100% cotton percale with a hypoallergenic filling, this blanket is the perfect year-round bed cover – not too warm, not too cold.

Cot size baby blanket bedspreadsCot-sized bedspreads in Mares Dark, Fauna, and Mares Light – click to view more

We love that these bedspreads are machine-washable and retain their shape super well throughout time and multiple washings! These bed covers are great base pieces for your Scandinavian-themed nursery or kids room and they look so good mixed and matched with other Garbo & Friends baby and kids items.

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Part of the reason we love Garbo & Friends comes down to their mission as a company. Garbo & Friends aims to offer both parents and their babies the best textile and accessory products through exceptional design, print, fabric, material and detail. What you want for your baby, and what you want for your home are often two different things – that’s why the majority of Garbo & Friends’ products have just that, two sides, a beautifully illustrated patterned side and on reverse – a solid colour one.

We currently stock three of Garbo’s signature patterns…

Garbo Patterns We Love

Fauna: A truly timeless pattern with a dark sage base featuring cute little illustrations of rabbits, squirrels and owls amongst lush forest flora with white, rose, and light sage green details.

Child with fauna bedspread kids beddingImage via @perrine.59

Mares Dark: Garbo’s Mares Dark pattern features humpback and orca whales, swordfish and lighthouses sprinkled with seaweed and bubbles. The base of this nautical and classic print is a darker navy blue, so the off-white illustrations really pop!

Baby sleeping on couch with Garbo and Friends Mares Dark bed cover

Mares Light: A lighter take on the Mares Dark, Mares Light has a white base light pink and green coloured sea plants interspersed with dainty illustrations of whales, turtles, eels and more – simply stunning, especially on bedding!

Garbo and Friends mares light baby bedding cot nursery blanketImage via @cirkusfabriken

The larger size of this child’s bedspread fits a single kids bed and the smaller blankets are the perfect size for most standard-sized cots. The cot size of the bedcover comes in Mares Light, Mares Dark, and Fauna. The single size of this kid’s bedspread comes in Garbo’s lovely Mares Dark and Fauna patterns.


Material: 100% Cotton Percale. Non-allergenic polyester filling.
Measurements: 180 x 120cm


Material: 100% Cotton Percale. Non-allergenic polyester filling.
Measurements: 90 x 120cm

2. Ollie Baby Blanket by Garbo & Friends

Garbo’s ‘Ollie Blanket’ is a classic. This gorgeous pink baby blanket is super soft and makes a perfect finishing touch to the bedspread or cot. This baby blanket is on the thinner side, so it provides warmth without the extra bulk. It also compliments the mares and fauna patterns. The super soft and pure cotton feel of this baby blanket makes it extra soft and comfortable.

Ollie Blanket

The Ollie Blanket’s geometric pattern and lovely pink colour give it a classic look – perfect for snuggling up on the couch with, as a throw on the bed or in the crib.

Image via @carinschelin

Great as a throw on the bed or in the crib, for snuggling up on the couch with, or to take with you in the pram. This baby blanket makes the perfect addition any kid’s bedroom, nursery or home!

Material: 100% Cotton
Measurements: 80 x 120cm

3. Classic Baby Blanket by Cam Cam Copenhagen

Next up on our list of favourites is Cam Cam Copenhagen’s classic baby blanket. This baby quilt is cute, classic and the ultimate go-to when it comes to baby bedding. Designed in Denmark and produced sustainably with 100% organic cotton – it is a favourite of both kids and parents all over the world. This nursery quilt is super soft and padded for extra comfort, and beautifully patterned in Cam Cam’s various signature prints. so

Cam Cam classic baby blanketsClassic baby blanket in Pressed Leaves Blue, Pressed Leaves Rose and Raindrops – click to view more

Are you ready for the best part? This beautiful baby blanket also doubles as a play mat! Perfect for tummy time or as a soft and cosy play mat out in the garden on a nice sunny day.

With an overall design focus on sustainable and organic production, timeless designs, and high-quality materials, Cam Cam Copenhagen produces items that last generations, match with any ongoing trends and bring joy to kids and grownups alike. Cam Cam aims to create timeless, poetic design, combining traditions and contemporary and as far as we are concerned, they have definitely done it with their classic baby blanket!

Cam Cam baby quilt pressed leaves blue fabric detailsPressed Leaves Blue baby blanket details

This darling baby blanket comes in three classic prints: Pressed Leaves Rose, Pressed Leaves Blue, and Raindrops.

Materials: 100% Organic Cotton. Filling: 100% Oeko-tex Standard Polyester
Measurements: 100 x 100 cm

4. Wool Knots Blanket by Garbo & Friends

This woollen baby blanket is perfect for those chilly winter months. The carefully cable knit knots in this adorable and warm baby blanket are knitted in a whole new type of cable knit similar to a nautical knot used to tie up boats arriving into a harbour.

Child in nursery with wool knots blanket in sandImage via @sarahstylesandinteriors

The soft wool and the type of knit, makes this a very warm and thick blanket, great for the couch, over your shoulders or in the stroller during wintertime. Plus, this darling wool baby blanket is packed in the beautiful box with satin ribbons that are simply beautiful – making it a perfect baby shower gift. This woollen baby blanket comes in three charming colours: sand, navy blue and storm grey.

Garbo and Friends wool baby blankets

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Materials: 80% Wool | 20% Polyester, leather label
Measurements: 70 × 100 cm

5. Embroidered Baby Quilt by Cam Cam Copenhagen

Another Cam Cam classic to wrap up our top five favourite baby blankets. This embroidered baby quilt is cosy, timeless, and makes a lovely kids bedspread. Made from 100% organic cotton, this quilt is breathable and warm – making it perfect for use year-round and in all seasons. The organic cotton makes this quilt super soft, comfortable, and safe for babies.

Image via @josefinenocera

This beautiful quilt by Cam Cam comes in beautiful embroidered wave design. The wave quilt comes in blue mist, dusty rose and light grey. This colours in this baby quilt matches perfectly with other Cam Cam nursery and baby items so you can use them to create the perfectly coordinated nursery design. Similar to Cam Cam’s classic baby blanket, this darling baby quilt also doubles as a play mat – perfect for tummy time!

baby quilts in grey dusty rose and light blue

Wave baby quilts in blue mist, light grey and dusty rose – click to view more

Materials: 100% Organic Cotton. Filling: 100% Oeko-tex Standard Polyester
Measurements: 120 x 120 cm

So there you have it – our top five favourite baby blankets. With so many adorable baby blankets made by awesome Scandinavian designers, it’s hard to choose which one to incorporate into your nursery! Which one is your favourite?

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