Product Spotlight: Fossflakes Superior Nursing Pillow

Ah the joys of breastfeeding – what a miracle it is to be able to nourish your child from your own body, lowering your baby’s risk of developing allergies, asthma and infection while helping you lose weight and form a unique bond with your little one. Okay, we’ll stop there since we all know that breastfeeding isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. With all the amazing benefits breastfeeding brings, there are immense challenges that come with it – difficulty latching, mastitis, back ache, shoulder pain, and neck strain just to name a few. And although there’s no silver bullet to cure the woes of breastfeeding, there is one product we’ve found that can make a world of difference when feeding your little one.

Fossflakes Superior Nursing Pillows make breastfeeding immensely more comfortable for both mum and baby, offering a firm and supportive cushion while relieving neck, back and shoulder pain. When we found out about Fossflakes nursing pillows, we HAD to stock them in the shop for the sake of all of our Nordlife mums we love so dearly!


About Fossflakes

Fossflakes is a company based in Denmark – a country renowned worldwide for its quality designs and strict product, safety and environmental controls in manufacturing. Inspired by the lush feeling of feather and down, Fossflakes invented a brand-new type of filling material that never flattens, deflates or loses resilience. Similar to feather and down fillings, Fossflakes has the ability to trap air and create that lovely full and plush feeling we love in a good duvet or pillow. However, the Fossflakes patented filling is made up of 100% extended polyethylene polymers and so is naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it a suitable filling material for allergy and asthma sufferers.

All Fossflakes-filled products, including their amazing nursing pillows, retain their volume and air-trapping ability over time, are easy to wash and quick to dry, and provide a soft, yet supportive form. The Fossflakes tagline is ‘comfort inspired by snow’ – and the Fossflakes nursing pillow truly captures the lightness of snow, while still providing excellent support and stability.

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Fossflakes Superior Nursing Pillow

Made in Denmark, each Fossflakes superior nursing pillow is made of Fossflakes’ patented pillow filling with an ergonomic design combined with hypoallergenic materials. It contains Fossflakes synthetic down, but is completely washable, can be tumble dried and will never lose its shape.

When you’re breastfeeding, extra comfort can make all the difference in the world for you and your little one. This ergonomic Fossflakes nursing pillow is designed to provide optimal support for both mums and babies while breastfeeding. Regardless of which position you prefer, the Fossflakes superior nursing pillow provides support allows you to breastfeed in a more comfortable way without tiring out your arms. The ergonomics of the pillow also help to ease tension in your neck, back and shoulders.

Naturally hypoallergenic, the Fossflakes Superior Nursing Pillow is suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers, including babies and children. The organic cotton and Oeko Tex Class I certified materials in the pillow mean that it is safe and free from harmful chemicals. This amazing breastfeeding cushion is fully washable and tumble dryable allowing you to keep it clean from spills, stains and leakage. Plus, after you wash the pillow, it always retains its structured shape and loft, even with frequent washing.

We love that the Fossflakes nursing pillow is versatile and easy to take anywhere – use it in your bed, on the couch, in a chair or while travelling. Nordlife is proud to be a distributor for the amazing Fossflakes nursing pillow in Australia!


How to Use Your Fossflakes Superior Nursing Pillow

Fossflakes breastfeeding cushions are intuitive and easy to use. Check out this helpful video from Fossflakes to learn more about how to use your new nursing pillow:

Cradle position

The cradle position is the Fossflakes nursing pillow go-to position. Simply place the nursing pillow around your waist with the curved side against your body. Let your baby lay on the nursing pillow lengthwise while they breastfeed and voila! Simplified and comfortable meal time for bubba. When you move during and after breastfeeding, your baby will remain in place, stable and supported by the nursing pillow. This is especially handy if you’re little one has dozed off during a feeding – no need to wake them from dream time!

Nursing pillow cradle position breastfeedingImage via @kel.mackay 

Side position

The side position is very useful if you’ve had a caesarean section or are breastfeeding twins. Simply position the Fossflakes Superior Nursing pillow around your body similarly to the cradle position but place your baby on one side of the cushion, perpendicular to your body. If you have twins, place one baby on each side for a dual breastfeeding solution.

Fossflakes nursing pillow side position breastfeeding baby

Other uses

Even if you’re not breastfeeding, Fossflakes nursing pillows can be used as an aid when your baby is learning to sit up. Use them as a helpful and supportive barrier when your little on is just learning to sit up on their own as it provides good support and a safe boundary for the child.

Image via @nordicsleepjapan

Cam Cam Covers for Fossflakes Superior Nursing Pillows

Once you’ve snagged your amazing Fossflakes breastfeeding pillow, check out our range of beautiful pillow covers for easy cleaning and extra cuteness.

Made by Cam Cam Copenhagen, these darling nursing pillow covers are made with GOTS-certified sateen-weave 100% organic cotton, making them super soft and gentle for baby’s skin. In addition to being able to wash the Fossflakes nursing pillow itself, having a Cam Cam nursing pillow cover makes cleaning and washing even easier. Simply toss the cushion cover in the wash to quickly and easily wash away little spills and stains. Get yours today and coordinate it with the rest of your nursery design scheme!

Nursing pillow covers for Fossflakes breastfeeding pillow

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Dot crème/grey pillow cover

Simple and sweet with a dainty dot pattern throughout – this dot crème/ grey nursing pillow cover looks good with everything. Not to mention, this pillow cover perfectly matches with our dot crème gold nursery canopy – pair the two together for a whimsical and perfectly-coordinated baby room.


Pressed leaves rose pillow cover

A Cam Cam classic – this pressed leaves print is timeless and sweet. Match this beautiful nursing pillow cover with our pressed leaves baby quilt, pressed leaves balloon music mobile, pressed leaves baby nest, pressed leaves star cushion, and our pressed leaves changing mat.


Peacock grey pillow cover

Another timeless print by Cam Cam – this peacock grey nursing pillow cover can be coordinated with our peacock grey changing pad, peacock grey balloon music mobile, and our peacock grey baby feeding bib.


*Nursing pillow sold separately


Breastfeeding or not, we salute all the mums out there who do everything in their power to love and care for their little bundles of joy. Fossflakes nursing pillows are here to make your life easier – to get yours and to shop our full range of Fossflakes nursing pillows and pillow covers, click the button below:

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