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Mealtime is messy business: How to clean your Liewood Smock Bib

What do you get when you put a baby, a high chair and a bowl of pumpkin puree in a room? One messy (likely orange) baby that’s what! Bad jokes aside, meal times can be chaos when it comes to our little mess makers. 

Luckily, Nordlife has you covered (quite literally) with our beautiful and functional range of Liewood Smock Bibs.

Made from 100% recycled polyester, these smocks are the ultimate must-have for protecting little people from big messes. They’re waterproof, long sleeved and include a sneaky catch-all pocket.

Best of all? They’re instantly reusable after a quick wipe down.

But we want to make sure you get the most out of your smock – ensuring it stays with you from your baby’s first foods, all the way to the finger-painting fun of toddlerhood. So read on below to discover our tried and tested tips on caring for your Liewood Smock Bib. 

Four Tips on caring for your Liewood Smock Bib

Number one: Cool or lukewarm wash only

Our personal preference for washing smocks is a machine wash as the spin cycle will help to remove excess water and speed up your drying process. But smocks can be either machine or hand washed – you pick.

Just make sure to only wash in cool or lukewarm (30 degrees or lower) water as hot water may damage, shrink or fade your smock. And shake (don’t wring or stretch) out as much water as possible before hanging up to dry.

Number two: Button up

Make sure you snap the buttons closed on your smock before popping it in the wash.  This will ensure it doesn’t snag or get caught on anything.

Number three: Hang me up to dry

We recommend hanging your smock in a well aired room. We know mealtime can be crazy but aim to avoid leaving your smock on a bench or chair while wet.

Liewood Smock Bibs cannot absorb moisture, and while that’s great for keeping your little one clean, it can damage or weaken the material if left to sit!

Number four: Turn your smock inside out

If you’re handwashing your smock, you’ll need to be extra vigilant about getting the water from all its pockets and creases. We suggest turning the entire smock (pocket included) inside out for a thorough dry.

Follow these top tips – direct from the Mum’s behind Nordlife – and your Liewood Smock Bib will be ready for wear, again and again.

Now for the hardest part… deciding what colour or design to ‘add to cart’. But who says you have to stop at one? Shop our range of Liewood Smock Bibs today. 

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