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The Ultimate Guide to Liewood’s Eco-Friendly Baby and Essentials

Discover the pinnacle of eco-friendly baby essentials with Liewood. From bath time joy with their sustainable and irresistibly cute bath toys to mealtimes made delightful with their tableware, designed with both functionality and eco-consciousness in mind. And when it’s time for your little one to snuggle up and drift into dreamland, Liewood’s organic cotton baby comforters provide the ultimate comfort and safety, ensuring a soothing night’s sleep for your precious bundle of joy. Dive into the world of Liewood’s curated selection of baby essentials, where sustainability meets style in every delightful detail.

Bathtime Fun with Liewood: Eco-Friendly Toys for Your Little Ones

Experience the joy of bath time like never before with Liewood’s enchanting collection of eco-friendly toys designed to captivate your little ones while being kind to the planet. Curated with safety and sustainability in mind, these adorable companions not only make a splash in the tub but also contribute to a greener future. Dive into bath time adventures with Liewood’s whimsical designs, knowing that your child is surrounded by toys free from harmful chemicals and made from eco-conscious materials. Elevate bathtime fun, foster creativity, and embrace eco-friendliness with Liewood’s delightful bath toys – because clean and green go hand in hand.

Liewood Tableware: Making Mealtime Memorable for Your Little Ones

Liewood’s tableware is more than just functional; it’s a catalyst for creating cherished mealtime memories with your little ones. Curated with exquisite attention to detail and safety in mind, Liewood’s range of tableware brings joy and style to every dining experience. From the charming animal-themed designs that captivate young imaginations to the eco-conscious materials that promote sustainability, these pieces elevate your child’s mealtime routine. With Liewood, you can serve up delicious meals while instilling good eating habits and a love for beautiful, eco-friendly design from an early age, making mealtime a memorable and heartwarming family affair.

Liewood’s Cuddly Baby Comforters: The Perfect Cuddle Companions

Liewood’s cuddly baby comforters are cuddle companions that offer warmth, comfort, and a sense of security to your little ones. Curated with the utmost care and attention to detail, these baby comforters feature adorable animal-themed designs that capture the hearts of both babies and parents alike. Made from the softest organic materials, Liewood’s baby comforters are gentle on delicate skin, promoting peaceful sleep and providing a soothing touch during times of anxiety or restlessness. These cuddly companions become cherished bedtime rituals, fostering a sense of comfort and connection that will stay with your child throughout their early years, making Liewood’s baby comforters the perfect companions for cuddles, dreams, and moments of pure joy.

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How to Choose the Right Sippy Cup for Your Baby

Navigating the world of sippy cups can be confusing. There are various kinds of sippy cups available, with varying types of spouts and different designs. Some have long hard spouts, while others have short, soft spouts. It can be quite difficult to choose the right one for your child, but doing your research and knowing what to look for will help you make the best decision.

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Multipurpose Smocks

The many uses of a Liewood smock bib: meals, arts and craft, water play.

Anyone with a messy toddler knows what fun it is trying to keep them clean. From the dining table to the playground, there’s smudges and muck galore. 

Which is why we love the Liewood smock bib when it comes to all things mess.

The Liewood smock bib is a 100% silicone long sleeve bib – it’s a feeding smock, come art smock, come ‘anytime crayons/glitter/ice cream comes near your little one’ smock. And its versatility is what makes it such an allrounder. 

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BLW or purees? Our guide to starting solids

From the moment they are born, our babies are constantly learning – and teaching us a thing or two! But perhaps the biggest learning curve for parents and babies comes when you open the floodgates to food. 

Whatever path you choose to take – whether it’s a traditional puree method, baby led weaning (BLW) or a mixture of both – as mothers ourselves, we’ve been there. And we want to arm you with the best information possible.

We’ve laid out what you need for a happy and successful start to solids with your little one – advice, foods and the perfect Nordlife products included!

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Mealtime is messy business: How to clean your Liewood Smock Bib

What do you get when you put a baby, a high chair and a bowl of pumpkin puree in a room? One messy (likely orange) baby that’s what! Bad jokes aside, meal times can be chaos when it comes to our little mess makers. 

Luckily, Nordlife has you covered (quite literally) with our beautiful and functional range of Liewood Smock Bibs.

Made from 100% recycled polyester, these smocks are the ultimate must-have for protecting little people from big messes. They’re waterproof, long sleeved and include a sneaky catch-all pocket.

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