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Multipurpose Smocks

The many uses of a Liewood smock bib: meals, arts and craft, water play.

Anyone with a messy toddler knows what fun it is trying to keep them clean. From the dining table to the playground, there’s smudges and muck galore. 

Which is why we love the Liewood smock bib when it comes to all things mess.

The Liewood smock bib is a 100% silicone long sleeve bib – it’s a feeding smock, come art smock, come ‘anytime crayons/glitter/ice cream comes near your little one’ smock. And its versatility is what makes it such an allrounder. 

Whether you’ve already discovered the #parenthack that is a smock, or you’re about to purchase your very first, we thought it was time to let you in on Nordlife’s secret scenarios for exactly when you wish you had your smock bib handy… 

1. Meal time

Okay, duh, this one’s an obvious one. But seriously! It deserves top spot. We’ve all found ourselves with a yoghurt-covered bub and zero wet wipes in sight before.We love using the Liewood smock bib as a feeding smock as the long sleeves and lengthy body cover your little one from top to toe. Not to mention, all it needs is a wipe down and it’s ready to use again and again.

Find our Liewood smock bib cleaning tips here

You and your little one will both love the hidden pocket as it doubles as both a mess catcher and save-for-later snack holder.

Nordlife friend Teneale’s (@tenealekaitlyn) foodie monster Archie


2. Arts and craft time

Craft Mum’s will understand the pain… your toddler marches triumphantly towards you, creation in hand, all the while trailing a mass of glitter, stickers or even paint in their wake… not to mention that brand new shirt you just bought them!

Our solution? Pop a Liewood smock bib on as an art apron (which mind you, could double as an art piece of its own their designs as so beautiful).

The Liewood smock bib is completely waterproof (and paint proof for that matter) so is great for use as an art or painting smock.

Nordlife friend Emma’s (@emma_calcedo) little girl River enjoying art time



3. Adventure time

This one may strike different. Don’t I already have enough to pack in the nappy bag? Stay with us…

Some of our favourite Nordlife friends (Hi Emma and Erin) showed us just how genius a feeding smock can be when out and about. 

Cue a hot day, an ice cream truck and a toddler meltdown and you’re in for a world of well… ice cream. But throw on a Liewood smock bib and you’ve not only saved another outfit (that’s one less item in the nappy bag) but guess who isn’t covered in a sticky, gooey mess for the rest of the day. 

Disclaimer: just because your toddler may be wearing a bib, doesn’t mean you won’t get smeared in ice cream (it’s inevitable right?).

Nordlife friend Erin’s (@my_bohobabe_) little lady Hayley loving her ice cream


4. Water play time

One piece of parenting advice that’s stuck with us? When your little one gets grumpy, take them outside or put them in water. And what an awesome combination of both water play can be!

So fill a bucket with water and toys (or even peas if you’re practicing hand-eye coordination) and head to the backyard.

Our favourite water play activities include:

  • A bucket with water and toys – which one’s float and which sink?
  • A shallow dish with water and peas – perfect for practicing hand-eye coordination 
  • A cup with water and a paintbrush – what can you paint on the pavement before it dries? Let’s colour in the bricks with water!

You may not be able to avoid every item on your deck getting speckled with water, but you can avoid another soggy shirt/nappy/baby with a Liewood smock bib!

Remember, when your little one is playing with water, supervision at all times is key.


Have we convinced you yet? From feeding smock, to art smock, to painting smock, to water smock – the Liewood smock bib literally has you covered. 

With so many activities you may even need two!

Discover the beautiful Liewood smock bib range we have in store.

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