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Nordic & Scandinavian Kids Room Decor 101

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As you can probably tell by now, Nordlife is all about Scandinavian and Nordic kids room decor and interior and nursery design. We’re all about the modern yet timeless aesthetic that Scandi and Nordic design brings to interior design and kids room decor. So why did we choose to go the Nordic route with our shop? Well, to answer that you need to know a bit about us…

Living the ‘Nordlife’

Our co-founders, Jane and Elina, both hail from a tiny country nestled on the coast of the Baltic Sea – Estonia! Jane and Elina happened to reconnect while living on the beautiful island of Tasmania and came up with the idea to bring Nordic and Scandi design and kids decor to Australia. Although they were both living in Australia, both Elina and Jane still admired the clean lines and functional designs that are synonymous with Nordic craftsmanship. Today, Nordlife is a proud purveyor of all things Nordic and Scandi – from baby room decor and bedding, to homewares and accessories. All of our products come from the five countries we represent – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and – of course – Estonia.

So now you know a bit about us, let’s talk about how YOU can introduce a little Scandi style into your home! May we present you with the five tenants of Nordic and Scandi design:

1. Minimalism

By far, the biggest hallmark of Nordic design is simplicity and minimalism. The Nords and Scandis forgo the bells and whistles and simplify their products. And although Nordic and Scandinavian interior decor focuses on minimalism, this doesn’t mean the design has to be ‘cold’ – there is still plenty of room for warmth, cosiness and a bit of flare when it comes to minimalism. Having a baby bedroom design and baby room decor that is uncluttered and minimalist can introduce a little peace, serenity and organisation into your daily life as a mum or dad.

2. Clean lines

Along the lines of minimalist design are… lines! Clean ones at that. Both Scandinavian and Nordic design do not have a lot of frills and extensive details. Clean-lined, modern solid-coloured or lightly patterned pieces are a staple of Scandi style. Everything in our shop – from baby bedding patterns to our lovely fine art prints – have smooth, clean lines that look good in any home.

3. High quality, high function

The reason that Nordic and Scandinavian designers focus on minimalism and clean lines is because of the high quality and function of the products they produce. With Nordic design, less is definitely more and that’s possible due to the quality of the product.

4. Sustainability

Another key aspect of Scandinavian and Nordic kids room decor is sustainability. An environmentally sustainable business model should extend from production and manufacturing practices to the materials used to produce the product. This includes things like recycled fabric, natural wood, GOTS-certified organic cotton, and naturally-sourced dyes and textiles.

5. Coordination

This doesn’t mean every piece of baby bedroom decor has to match perfectly. Having a coordinated nursery simply means that everything – from the bedding to the wallpaper, right down to your baby’s toys – should be complimentary.

In the Nordlife shop, we’ve curated a collection of kids and baby room decor that exemplifies all these core tenants of Scandi and Nordic design. Wondering where to start in implementing some Scandi style into your nursery design? Let us take you through the top nursery decor categories of our shop – starting with our minimalist, sustainable and totally adorable Scandinavian baby mobiles…

Baby mobiles

Our exquisite cot mobiles make for lovely nursery decor. They’re perfect to hang in your little one’s room – above the cot, the changing station or in front of the window. The look and sound of the mobile provides audiovisual stimulation or creates a relaxing environment for your little bubba. The mobiles are carefully hand finished with fine embroidery that is done perfectly down to the finest detail.

Baby bedding & quilts

Our carefully curated range of gorgeous children’s bedding by Nordic and Scandinavian designers will enhance your nursery design like no other. Perfect for adding some colour and whimsical fun to your little one’s bedroom or nursery, our Nordic & Scandinavian kids bedding is constructed from high-quality fabrics and come in a beautiful range of colours and styles. All of the bedding is made from 100% sustainable GOTS certified organic cotton that has been grown organically and as naturally as possible, without chemicals and pesticides.

Garbo Ollie blanket in pink and mares blanket in the nursery

Buntings & garlands

Beautiful baby buntings and garlands are the perfect way to add a simple, minimalist decoration to your baby room design. Our collection of neutral-toned and exquisitely crafted baby garlands works perfectly with a Scandi-style nursery design.

These baby garlands by Cam Cam Copenhagen are made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and are absolutely environment friendly (Nordic design tenant #3: sustainability – check!). In addition to their sustainable materials, the garlands and buntings are made out of leftover fabric from other Cam Cam items and collections, helping to reduce the amount of waste that we put out into this lovely world of ours. Not only is the recycled fabric in these buntings good for the planet, it will also help to tie your whole nursery design together as the fabric will match the different Cam Cam items in the room!

Buntings and garlands are a great decoration for your kids’ room or cubby house – they look great above the bed or cot, or against a window.

Nursery bunting mint mix

Changing mats

Although your changing table might not be the most exciting part of your nursery design, our collection of changing mats adds to the Scandinavian theme. Not only are they highly practical and well made, our changing mats add to your baby bedroom decor, as they can be coordinated with our other nursery products – score!

Cam Cam change mat

Nursery canopies

Dreamy and luxurious bed canopies are just the Scandinavian touch your nursery needs. Our cot canopies are made of organic cotton and are a perfect addition for any kids room – they can be hung over the bed or in a corner for a cosy play or reading nook. Plus, they can be perfectly paired up with Cam Cam’s matching star cushions and organic cotton muslin cloths.

Nursery decor kids bed canopy

Image via @madelen88

Wall prints

When it comes to Scandi style in your baby bedroom decor, simple but striking wall prints are the way to go. Our kids posters are made by an awesome company called Kreativitum from Sweden. Featuring beautiful designs by Nordic and Scandinavian designs, each of our kids wall prints are full of personality and are a favourite among parents and kids. From animal characters to whimsical lollies and fairy floss, these wall prints will add some Nordic charm to your kids room decor.

Penguin wall print and mix blue nursery bunting

Image via @sofieweinreichengell

Nursery wall stickers

Not all nursery wall stickers on the market today are in line with our Scandinavian kids decor theme, but the ones we stock by Stickstay definitely are! These wall stickers make the perfect embellishment for your little one’s room – they and add colour, imagination and a whimsical touch to the space your little one spends their time playing, dreaming and imagining in.

Our wonderful wall decals make awesome nursery decor and kids room decor, bringing a classically European look to your home. All our wall stickers are easy to apply to your wall and come in a range of colours to suit you and your little one’s taste. Animal stickers, cloud stickers, polka dot stickers, rocket stickers – you name it, we’ve got it!

Dinosaur nursery wall stickers

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Nordic and Scandinavian design and ways that you can implement this aesthetic into your kids room decor. We’re sure you’ll love living the Nordlife, and please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries or suggestions! To shop our full range of nursery decor and kids room decor products, click the button below:

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