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The Best Baby Mobiles by Cam Cam Copenhagen

Baby mobiles have long adorned the walls and cribs of nurseries and baby bedrooms – they’re a classic nursery decoration that will always be around. The market is saturated with heaps of baby mobiles, it can be overwhelming shopping for a baby mobile when designing your nursery. However, we think that Cam Cam Copenhagen’s baby mobiles are the best when it comes to quality design.

About Cam Cam Copenhagen

Not only do we love their beautiful baby mobiles, we also love who Cam Cam is as a company – their business practices, their values, and their complete line of baby and nursery products.

Founded in 2012 by Danish architect couple Sara Giese Camre and Robert Warren Paulsen, the Cam Cam Copenhagen brand emerged just a few months after the couple’s first daughter was born. When searching for items to stock her newborn daughter’s nursery with, Sara found the market lacked high quality, stylish and functional nursery decor and furnishings. So, she started making and sewing things for herself. Gradually, friends started ordering from her and before she knew it, her sewing venture evolved into a full-blown nursery business.

At the core of Cam Cam Copenhagen’s philosophy is a love of all children and the idea that we need to care for our little ones through what we expose them to on a daily basis. Children can be so easily overstimulated with sounds, colours in the age of noisy cartoons, television, iPads, iPhones, plastic light-up toys, etc., which can have a long-lasting effect for years to come. Cam Cam has taken the responsibility on to produce calming and harmonious products for children and babies. Cam Cam’s line of baby and nursery products serve as a gentle contrast to the norm when it comes to nursery decor and furnishings.

One key tenant of Cam Cam Copenhagen’s overall design focus is environmentally-sustainable and organic production – something we care deeply about at Nordlife. Their products are made from sustainably sourced materials like natural wood and GOTS and OCS certified textiles.

Another aspect of Cam Cam Copenhagen’s business model is creating products with timeless designs that last generations. The result of this practice is that Cam Cam products outlive trends that come and go, getting passed down through generations, and bringing joy to kids and grownups alike. At Nordlife, we are proud to stock brands that align with our values of quality craftsmanship, sustainable business practices, and timeless design.


Top 3 reasons we love Cam Cam baby mobiles

Adding a baby cot mobile to your nursery is a great way to enhance the overall look and function of the room, but we think Cam Cam’s cot mobiles offer a little something extra in addition to the traditional benefits. Here are the top three reasons we love Cam Cam’s line of darling cot mobiles:


1. Soothes and entertains baby

Not only do Cam Cam baby mobiles make for lovely nursery decor, they are also a great tool for soothing and entertaining your little one. Whether it be during nap time, bed time or changing time, having a cot mobile hanging overhead is calming and therapeutic for your baby by providing audio-visual stimulation. Cam Cam makes a balloon musical cot mobile and a peacock cot mobile – both of which are absolutely adorable and play lovely tunes to lull your little one into serenity!

Baby with balloon music mobile in peacock grey on changing table

2. Adds a Scandinavian touch to the nursery

Scandinavian design focuses on minimalism, function, high quality, and a connection to nature. A Scandinavian baby cot mobile is a timeless nursery addition that outlives trends and never goes out of style. Hanging a Cam Cam Copenhagen nursery mobile against a window, over the cot or above the changing table is a great way to add a lovely Scandinavian touch to your nursery! All Cam Cam nursery mobiles are carefully quilted by hand which contributes to their unique, handmade look.

3. Made to match the nursery

Our third reason why we absolutely love Cam Cam cot mobiles is that they come in a variety of gorgeous colours and patterns. Every Cam Cam baby mobile can be coordinated with Cam Cam’s entire range of nursery products including changing mats, baby nests, feeding bibs and more. Cam Cam’s cot mobiles come in colours and prints can be easily coordinated to match your entire nursery décor – from calming solid colours to Cam Cam’s signature pressed leaves pattern in both blue and rose, you’re sure to find a cot mobile to match your chosen design scheme.




So now you know why we love Cam Cam’s baby mobiles – you’re probably wondering: what do they look like?! Well, we carry Cam Cam’s Balloon and Peacock baby mobiles in a range of beautiful colours and prints. Here’s a little rundown of all the mobiles we currently stock:


Balloon Music Mobile

Cam Cam’s balloon musical cot mobile is a classic nursery décor piece with the added function of lulling your little one to sleep. The baby cot mobile is hand quilted giving it a lovely handmade look, featuring a dainty bow and natural wooden ring at the base of the nursery mobile. The musical mobile plays “Summertime” by George Gershwin when the wooden ring is pulled.

Musical mobiles for nursery by Cam Cam CopenhagenGrey Balloon Music Mobile

Cam Cam’s Balloon Music Mobile in grey is great for those going for a neutral-toned nursery look, or anyone who wants to add some balance to a colourful room.


Mint Balloon Music Mobile

This mint music mobile adds a lovely, fresh touch to any nursery.


Peacock Grey Balloon Music Mobile

This Peacock Grey Balloon Music Mobile is a slightly lighter grey colour than Cam Cam’s traditional grey music mobile, featuring a lovely peacock feather pattern.


Rose Balloon Music Mobile

One of the more classic looking mobiles, this Rose Balloon Music Mobile adds a darling Scandinavian touch to the nursery or baby bedroom. Hang above the changing station or over the cot for a timeless look.


Pressed Leaves Blue Balloon Music Mobile

Pair with Cam Cam’s changing mat, feeding bib, and teddy bear – all in their lovely Pressed Leaves Blue pattern.


Pressed Leaves Rose Balloon Music Mobile

Match this lovely nursery mobile with Cam Cam’s Pressed Leaves Rose baby blanket, star cushion, and baby nest for a perfectly coordinated nursery look.


Peacock Nursery Mobile

Cam Cam’s peacock baby cot mobile is another timeless nursery piece. This decorative and functional baby mobile is made with fine embroidery and features a wooden ring – pull it and let the lullaby sooth your baby into relaxation. Your baby will love the shape and friendly face of the peacock nursery mobile, which comes in a variety of colours and prints made to match Cam Cam’s other nursery products. This cot mobile is great for hanging over the crib along with one of Cam Cam’s cot canopies. Plus, the mobile also comes in a lovely box, making it a great ready-to-go baby shower gift!


Nursery cot mobiles in rose old rose mint and grey

Rose Peacock Music Mobile

We love Cam Cam’s Peacock Nursery Mobile in their soft rose colour. This is a lovely decor piece to tie the entire nursery together, especially when paired with Cam Cam’s Dot Rose Bed Canopy, Dusty Rose Baby Quilt, and Mix Rose Nursery Garland.


Old Rose Peacock Music Mobile

Old Rose is another one of our favourites – a deeper pink colour than the traditional Rose, this mobile pairs well with Cam Cam’s Dot Old Rose Cot Canopy, Old Rose Star Cushion and Peacock Old Rose Baby Feeding Bib.


Mint Peacock Music Mobile

Mint is a great colour for little boys’ and little girls’ nurseries. We love how this mint coloured cot mobile looks paired with Cam Cam’s Mint Baby Quilt, Mint Mix Nursery Bunting, and Mint Organic Muslin Cloth.


Grey Peacock Music Mobile

Going for a neutral nursery? Pair this lovely Grey Peacock Music Mobile with Cam Cam’s Grey Star Cushion, Dot Grey Bed Canopy, and Grey Wave Changing Pad for a lovely neutral-toned and calming nursery look.



We hope you enjoyed this little inside look at our all-time favourite baby mobiles by Cam Cam Copenhagen! You won’t be disappointed when you invest in one of Cam Cam’s high-end, designer, sustainably-made cot mobiles, made with love in Denmark. We love these nursery mobiles for their Scandinavian aesthetic, quality craftsmanship, and ability to be coordinated with Cam Cam’s wide range of nursery and baby products – and we’re sure you will too! Click the button below to shop our entire range of Cam Cam Copenhagen baby mobiles:


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