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Cam Cam Baby Nests are Winners

We have a winner folks! These Cam Cam Copenhagen baby nests are winners in our book because they are:

  • Soft & comfy
  • Supportive
  • Versatile
  • Stylish

These amazing baby nests have so many useful applications – from making feedings comfortable for mum and baby, to safely lounging in unfamiliar places and for supervised playtime. Not only are they super practical, Cam Cam baby nests are also high-quality and interior design-focused.

These baby nests have a solid wooden base that offers stability beneath the layers of supportive foam padding. The nest features a soft foam border with a drawstring that can be tied into a dainty bow at the base of the baby nest. The firm yet cushiony edge on this baby nest helps keep baby nice and snug while napping or relaxing. The adjustable drawstring also has the added bonus or allowing the baby nest to expand as your little one grows. This is a huge plus, as the baby nest won’t become obsolete as your baby grows (like so many nursery items). Simply tie the strings of the baby nest nice and snug when your little bubba is a newborn, then gradually tie the strings looser as your little one begins to grow.

Raindrops baby nest with muslin and toysCoordinate your baby nest with matching Cam Cam nursery items or mix & match with complimentary colours and prints


Removable cover and base for easy cleaning

The printed cover on the baby nest is made from 100% organic and sustainably-sourced cotton. We’re big fans of easy cleaning, so Cam Cam’s baby nest gets extra points for having a removable cover! Simply detach the cotton baby nest cover and machine wash for easy and quick cleaning.


Feeding with a baby nest

These Cam Cam baby nests can be great tools during feeding times. The firm wooden base offers a strong foundation to rest on mum’s lap or on the couch if bottle feeding. The soft and supportive foam padding allows your little one to be comfortable and secure during feeding time.

Baby in nursery nest in pressed leaves rose

Baby nest for day-time lounging 

Cam Cam Copenhagen baby nests make great loungers. The soft yet supportive outer foam border keeps baby in place while chilling with mum and dad. Cam Cam baby nests also simulate the cosy and secure feeling of the womb, offering an extra layer of comfort and tranquillity. Please note: we don’t recommend using the baby nests for all-night sleeping, they are intended for supervised lounging, chilling and playtime.

Sleeping baby in baby co sleeperImage via @nanaritzjorgensen 

Creating a comfortable and familiar relaxing space with a baby nest

Babies imprint on scent, touch, sound and other senses more than we know – they are very perceptive when it comes to their environment. Baby nests can make life so much easier for you and your little by creating a familiar space for them to relax in. This is super useful when you want baby nearby whilst you’re ticking things off of your to-do list or tackling chores around the house. Having a familiar relaxing space is especially beneficial when travelling or visiting family. The unfamiliar place can sometimes be overwhelming for baby, but their cosy and familiar baby nest can be there to provide comfort and peacefulness.

Swaddled baby in nursery nest in grey wave patternBaby nest with babyImage via @_do.l_ 


Nordlife carries Cam Cam’s practical and stylish baby nests in three beautiful prints: Grey Wave, Raindrops and Pressed Leaves Rose. Each of these darling prints can be matched with other Cam Cam nursery and baby products to create a perfectly coordinated and polished nursery look!


Grey Wave Baby Nest

Baby nest for nursery in grey wave

The Grey Wave baby nest is perfect for neutral-toned nurseries or to balance out a more colourful baby bedroom. The dainty little embroidered waves form a lovely pattern that gives this baby nest an elegant and natural look. This baby nest pairs well with Cam Cam’s other Grey Wave nursery and baby items.

Coordinate with:

  • Grey Wave Changing Mat
  • Grey Wave Hooded Towel
  • Grey Wave Baby Feeding Bib
  • Grey Star Cushion


Raindrops Baby Nest

Baby nursery nest with zippers and lining in raindropsWe love the fresh and fun look of Cam Cam’s baby nest in the Raindrops print. Evoking the feeling of a rainy day (with a rainbow just around the corner!), the Raindrops baby nest is a lovely addition to any nursery or home. This baby nest looks great paired with Cam Cam’s other Raindrops nursery items.

Coordinate with:

  • Raindrops Changing Mat
  • Raindrops Baby Feeding Bib
  • Blue Mist Star Cushion


Pressed Leaves Rose Baby Nest

Baby nursery nest with zipper and lining in pressed leaves roseCam Cam’s Pressed Leaves Rose pattern is one of our all-time favourites. The darling rose and blue colours throughout the pattern of illustrated leaves, flowers and fauna give this baby nest a timeless and classic look. Match this baby nest with Cam Cam’s Pressed Leaves Changing Mat, Star Cushion and other nursery and baby items in their signature Pressed Leaves Rose pattern we love so much!

Coordinate with:

  • Pressed Leaves Rose Changing Mat
  • Pressed Leaves Teddy Bear
  • Pressed Leaves Star Cushion
  • Pressed Leaves Balloon Music Mobile
  • Pressed Leaves Baby Blanket


Baby Nest Safety

  • Never use your baby nest in a moving vehicle

  • Always supervise your baby while he or she is in the baby nest

  • Ensure your baby is on their back when in the baby nest

  • Always place the nest on a flat surface with the child’s head at the top of the nest, and feet at the opening where the strings are tied


Cam Cam Copenhagen’s baby nests are winners in our book. They are so versatile and practical, while also being stylish. We love that these baby nests come in Cam Cam’s signature Raindrops, Grey Wave and Pressed Leaves Rose patterns so you can match them perfectly with Cam Cam’s other nursery and baby products for a perfectly coordinated and complete nursery design scheme. Cam Cam has such a lovely palette of colours – even if you opt to combine their various colours and patterns throughout your nursery, everything always looks great together. Nordlife’s wide range of Cam Cam Copenhagen and other high-quality Scandinavian products can truly be your one-stop-shop when designing your nursery!

Having a baby nest can make feeding, lounging, and travelling much safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable! All Nordlife baby nests for orders over $160 ship for free within Australia and worldwide shipping is also available (Plus, all orders ship the next business day so you can order now and get your brand new baby nest ASAP). Click the button below to shop Nordlife’s entire range of fabulous baby nests:

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