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Top Nursery Trend of 2018: Cot Canopies

Elegant, enchanting, whimsical, and totally adorable – Cam Cam Cot Canopies are this year’s top nursery trend. These dreamy overhead accents make such great additions to any nursery, kids bedroom or even playroom. Cam Cam’s luxurious and charming nursery canopies are made of organic cotton fabric and feature a dainty dot pattern. Here are the top three reasons we love our cot canopies:

1. Compliment any nursery design scheme

Our nursery canopies come in a variety of precious colours that compliment any interior design scheme. From light blue mist to deep rose and neutral grey, you’re sure to find a baby bed canopy in a colour that suits your nursery.

2. Perfect for playtime

We love cot canopies because of their lovely aesthetic, but kiddos love them just as much! Cot canopies can easily transform an empty corner in the room into a fabulous play area complete with cushions and toys. Just picture your little one reading a book, playing pretend, or having a tea party beneath the billows of this gorgeous cot canopy!

3. Great baby shower gift

Our cot canopies’ versatility makes them awesome baby shower gifts. You can be sure that the recipient will love getting one of these stunning cot canopies as a gift because they can really be used anywhere in the nursery or house! Although nursery canopies are larger than your average baby shower gift, they aren’t bulky and can easily be tied up when not in use. Plus, they’re a nursery furniture piece that doesn’t take up any valuable floor space!

One of our top reasons for loving these stunning crib canopies is how versatile they are. Although they’re called ‘cot canopies’ and look so lovely hung above the crib or bed, they have so many more uses than just hanging over the cot. Here are a few creative ways to use cot canopies:


Hang over the crib

The most popular way to use a cot canopy is hanging it over the crib or bed – and for a good reason! Hanging your nursery canopy over the crib or bed is great for creating a soothing, cosy and beautiful space for your little one to sleep and nap. Using a simple hook (available at most hardware stores), fashion your crib canopy to the ceiling and let the curtains of the cot canopy drape over the crib or bed for a fairy tale look.

Baby canopy old rose over cot with baby and swan mobile

Place in a play corner

You can also hang your kids bed canopy in a corner of the room for a majestic and fun play area. Using a cot canopy in the corner of the room can create a whole new unique element for kids to enjoy. Add some pillows, cushions and blankets and you have yourself a lovely play corner for the kids to read, play, sleep and relax in! The kids bed canopy can also be tied up when not in use.

Creme cot canopy in play corner with toys wall stickers and star cushion

Drape over the changing table

Hanging a kids bed canopy over the changing table is the perfect accent and a great way to bring a little style to an area of the nursery that’s not always the most exciting to decorate. Secure the nursery canopy to the ceiling directly above the changing table or changing area and let the billowy fabric of the cot canopy gently drape on either side of the changing table. Make sure that the opening of the nursery canopy is aligned with the side of the changing table that is most frequently used so you can still access it as usual. All of our cot canopies can be coordinated with Nordlife’s range of baby changing mats as well!

Creme gold nursery canopy over changing table

Image via @the_small_kind

Create the look: Nursery styling with Cam Cam Cot Canopies

Another reason we love our cot canopies is that they can be perfectly coordinated with our other nursery, baby and kids items to design a stunning nursery. Having a cot canopy in the nursery add a whimsical touch and helps to tie the whole room together. Here are a few ideas for design schemes you can create with Cam Cam Copenhagen cot canopies:

Blue Mist Baby Bedroom

Baby blue is a darling and classic look for the baby bedroom – for baby boy or girl! Blue is known as a soothing colour so furnishing the nursery with blue hues not only looks good, it’s also good for your baby’s development.

Drape the dreamy Dot Blue Mist Nursery Canopy over the cot to create a peaceful little sanctuary, complete with a matching star shaped decorative cushion and light blue quilt. Add in our Pressed Leaves Blue Balloon Baby Mobile and natural baby toys for a fresh look. You can even coordinate the changing table perfectly with the blue mist theme by incorporating our Pressed Leaves Blue Changing Pad.

Blue mist nursery design with blue cot canopy sustainable toys star cushion baby quilt and changing mat

Cot canopy: Dot Blue Mist



Crème Gold Haven

The playroom is typically a room in the house mum and dad dread entering – the mess, the piles of plastic toys strewn about – but it doesn’t have to be! You can create an elegant, minimalist playroom or play area with just a few high-quality, stylish items that you’ll enjoy just as much as your little ones.

Start with our Dot Crème Gold Cot Canopy as the base for your new play area that’s both fun and easy on the eyes. Hang a Scandinavian toddler swing near your new canopied play area for your little one to enjoy along with some fun wall stickers to bring the room to life! Add in some accent cushions to make your play area double as a napping space! Complete your beautiful playroom with some sustainable toys like our Swan Baby Comforter. Nordlife is a big fan of wooden toys, as they are sustainable, made from natural sources, and can be passed down through generations.

Creme gold nursery scheme with creme cot canopy wall stickers baby swing cushion and swaddle

Cot canopy: Dot Crème Gold



Neutral Tones Nursery

Go for an ultra-modern yet timeless nursery look by opting for a neutral theme. Use our Dot Grey Cot Canopy to set the tone for the entire room, coordinating it with our Grey Wave Changing Pad, music mobile, star cushion and baby nest. Choosing a neutral palette for your nursery is a great way to keep it simple and modern and flow with the rest of your home’s interior design scheme.

Neutral nursery scheme with dot grey cot canopy star cushion baby nest balloon mobile and changing pad

Cot canopy: Dot Grey



Pretty in Pink Princess Digs

Create the ultimate girly digs for your little princess and shower her room with PINK PINK PINK! Start with our Dot Old Rose Kids Bed Canopy draped over the bed, add in some darling quilts and star cushions (in pink of course) to complete the bedspread. Decorate with our blush bunting and cotton candy wall print and you’ll have a bedroom that screams ‘Girl Power’!

Pink nursery design with dot old rose cot canopy

Cot canopy: Dot Old Rose




Pastel Paradise

Design a soft and elegant nursery look with a pastel & pinks theme. Hang the Dot Rose Cot Canopy above the crib and add in a Rose Baby Quilt, star cushions and a baby blanket to create a little haven for your baby’s slumber. Complete your little one’s cot with a cute teddy bear and a rose-coloured leaves garland across the side of the cot. Coordinate the changing table with your pastel theme by adding our Pressed Leaves Rose Changing Pad and hang our adorable Rose Peacock Music Mobile overhead. Nordlife has everything you need to design your little one’s pastel paradise!

Pastel nursery design with cot canopy

Cot canopy: Dot Rose



We hope you enjoyed this run-down of the top nursery trend of 2018: whimsical, elegant, and versatile baby cot canopies! Our cot canopies are great sellers and for a good reason. We hope this article gave you bit of inspiration and some ideas for how to use your new bed canopy to style your little one’s nursery, bedroom or playroom. We think this nursery trend is here to stay.

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